History. Motoring journalist Martin Buckley recently ran a comparo of the A310 V6 and its contemporaries for Drive magazine, and had this to say about the Alpine; ‘I was unprepared for how well this car went. In 1954, he had earned an Alpine Cup by finishing the Alpine Rally without penalty. The Renault-Gordini inline-four might have still been small, but it was certainly potent by this stage: the exhausts on the 16-valve version were quite a work of art. Perhaps johnh875 may be able to back me up on this one. The spectacle of the diminutive blue cars sideways in the snow became as emblematic for the French as the dominance of Matra at Le Mans in the early ’70s. He relates things thus; ‘It was at this time that I became involved with Alpine whilst working with UK designer Trevor Fiore. It would have a sort of latter-day Dieppe Raid. And how cool is a country that puts louvres on the rear windows of police cars? The A110 rally cars are probably my second favorite race cars, behind the GT40, but I never knew that much about the company’s history. In 1991, it was apparently brought over from the French island colony of New Caledonia. Pitched squarely at the Porsche 911, the A310 would follow established Alpine practice, employing the familiar steel backbone beneath its glassfibre body. At top left is his 1973 Opel-based Sylvia prototype built by the carrozzeria. Though the steering rack was taken from the Peugeot 504 and the front turning signals from the Simca 1301, most of the components came from the Renault parts bins and would have been subject to any changes in specification or supply. Drive Collection a été créée en juin 2016. It was over 200 kgs heavier than the A110, and with both using the same engine it was the two seater that continued to excel. The A 310 V6 was an alternative for the 911 Porsche I guess. And to eventually ensnare for himself a share in ownership of Fissore. Renault, after dumping the A310 from their rally program unceremoniously, immediately switched their attention to these 5 Alpines. The A310 did not share in the benefit of this dual personality, due large in part to the greater heft it carried around to begin with. The Alpine-Renault A110 1800 is a legendary automobile. Must have been a few decades ago since I saw one on the road. During the most of 1970s and early 1980s, many small manufacturers of exotic cars often sift through the components made by OEM suppliers to peruse on their cars, i.e. In 2016, the Alpine A460 won four of the nine rounds to secure the LMP2 WEC title for Alpine, the most hard-fought of those victories coming at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Towards the end of 1953, Michelotti and Allemano had delivered another little coupe to Rédélé. It really wasn’t ready for US conditions, and by 1960 its sales plummeted, unlike the VW’s. The ‘Group 4’ option became the ‘Pack GT’ for Series 2, though it seems to have had different names for different markets; ‘S’ in Germany and ‘F-Pack’ in Japan (!) It must have taken extensive research to write and to obtain all that photographic history. AMC added to that with Le Car. Il est tout à fait impossible de résumer l'Alpine A110 à un seul moteur, ce modèle puisant dans la banque d’organes de Renault, la Berlinette va suivre l’évolution de cylindrée de la marque au Losange qui, devant le sérieux et la motivation de Jean Rédélé, a entre-temps accordé sa confiance à la marque Alpine. It is interesting that Porsche were make the move to the 911 (with its completely unique engine) and grow significantly while Lotus and Alpine were not – as you said earlier the US market no doubt played a key part. I always had a soft spot for the A310, I thought it was a cool looking car. The engine was the same as the standard model, but it came with a five-speed box and wider wheels. Fiore was an English-born stylist who changed his surname – ‘Frost’ – to that of his mother – the italianate ‘Fiore’. Like its predecessors, the A110 was offered with a range of bodies – including Cabriolet, 2+2 Coupé, and Berlinette – but, given Rédélé’s dream of a spiritual successor to the blue racers of yore, it’s unsurprising that production was heavily biased towards the latter. Jim Klein touched on it, but looking at the later & hairier versions of the A310 reminded me of the Countach that also grew scoops and bulges as it developed. Renault literature credits only Michel Béligond and Yves Legal for the styling of the A310. The A108 2+2 (top) and A110 GT4 were Chappe et Gessalin shapes. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. What a great piece Don. These sketches are taken from a French news piece on Béligond and the Alpine A310. Great piece on a brand I did not know much about. High-tech features included ‘plip’ remote central locking and electronic doorhandles, while the centre console was dominated by surely the most comprehensive hi-fi system ever to grace an ’80s production car – a graphically equalised button-fest clearly conceived for big-haired power ballads. Cette page recense quelques temps chronométrés par des pilotes amateurs sur le circuit de Lohéac lors de sorties circuit loisir.. L'objectif est d'offrir un point de comparaison entre les pilotes et les voitures, sans aucun esprit de compétition. 1967 also saw the introduction of the A211 sports prototype. This example is one of only four in A310/4s in Australia. Alpine A108: Successor: Alpine A310 The Alpine A110, also known as the "Berlinette", was a sports car produced by the French manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. When the last A310 V6 rolled off the production line in 1984, 9,276 examples had been built. The press was full of praise for the GTA, highlighting its refinement and superb traction. Renault immediately halted further rally funding for the A310 at this point. He engaged Frua to style the car and ordered 50 bodies to be made. The A310 received the same backbone chassis as the A110, although it had wishbone and coilover suspension on all corners compared with the A110’s swing-arm rear. “Ah,” he replies after a lengthy pause during which he attempts to reconcile the information, eventually filing it under UFO, or Unidentified French Object. But it doesn’t sound like you really need it. Rallye Suedliche Weinstrasse 2017 Der Alpine A310 (auch: Alpine Renault A310 oder Renault Alpine A310) ist ein Sportwagen des französischen Automobilherstellers Alpine, der von Frühjahr 1971 bis Anfang 1985 hergestellt wurde. The backbone chassis arrangement was retained but this was a new car. Alpine A310 de GG et les Berlinettes A110 sur la piste "canard". Quite soon, the shape received faired headlights as had been seen on the 1958 Michelotti coupe. They just managed to get almost everything right. Your email address will not be published. Even if you don’t have any curbside classic pics (though there is the cohort), I’m sure you could put together a pretty good Automotive History on a subject of your choosing. In August 1973, the NACA ducts on the front wings were moved forward from their placement near the windscreen towards the leading edge of the car. The final clincher in its appeal, however, comes from those six lights behind that full-width plexiglas panelling. During the previous year’s Monte Carlo Rally all the works cars had retired with damaged rear suspension caused by heavy lumps of ice being frozen between the wheel spokes and so putting the wheels out of balance. When he upped his order to 100 examples, Frua was unable to commit to the revised volume and Monteverdi instead contracted another carrozzeria, Fissore, to build the cars. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Et dans son projet, rien n’est trop beau puisqu’il confie l’étude du châssis à Lotus et le design à Giugiaro. Though the Alpine name is held in high esteem by aficionados, there is limited global understanding of what it stands for. The Alpine would have appealed only to hard-core racer-types, and that market was weakening throughout the 60s. There were plans for the Renault GTA to be powered by the 175 hp 2-litre Turbo engine in the Renault 21 Turbo, whether it would have also introduced the non-turbo 140 hp 2-litre version of the engine as an entry-level Alpine GTA though is another matter. Then there is the issue with how the FIA required a car to be properly homologated to compete within the International level; where as French events were lax in this regard, the majority of other sanctioned events were not. The A310 was sold in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Portugal – which combined made up almost 50% of sales of the model. Not only were they underdeveloped, they also now had to work around a Renault budget that was also attempting to win with R17 rally cars and Formula One ambitions. It’s not as polished as the GTA Turbo, and it lacks the raw appeal of the A110, yet to my mind that makes it the perfect compromise. The Alpine factory’s most successful racing car which bettered any original Renault product at … That same year the road cars were badged ‘Alpine Renault’ and were now available through the authorised Renault dealer network. Sometime around 1967, Michel Béligond joined Jean Rédélé and Roger Prieur in Dieppe, and they started working together on the new Alpine model at Rédélé’s kitchen table. The Clio with a 220 hp engine below, although an even more powerful version is in the works. But despite this, the A310 V6 was Alpine’s greatest sales success. America didn’t get the GTA because of the Maserati version of the K-Car? The versions with slats and rear spoiler help, but the bare version is a problem for me. Top speed was 131 mph (210 kmh) and 0-60mph time around 8 seconds. Its unconventional handsomeness wins me over. p.s. It incorporated broad fully-volumed ‘c-pillars’ running cleanly and completely into the body as no automotive shape had applied them before. Find your next car in our classifieds – the classic of your dreams could be just a click away... Dieppe diamonds: Alpine A110, A310 and GTA, Why this charming Moretti 2300S leaves us wanting more, Cracking Christmas gift subscription offers, Don’t buy that, buy this: Rolls-Royce Corniche vs Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Coupé, Why going back to the future can be so illuminating, Why the allure of the Countach is much more than skin deep, Video: The Classic & Sports Car Show 2018 highlights. A few weeks ago I spotted this 1971 Renault R15 TL. The latter failing would be addressed five years into the A310’s lifetime, finally establishing the model as the 911 rival that it had always purported to be. From that I first learnt of the A310’s existence and, as a six-year-old, I was transfixed. The A310 looked as if it had been conceived with night rally stages in mind, although it would never dominate the sport in the same way its forebear had done. The 1985 Renault GTA was 6” longer, 4” wider, 2” taller with a 3” longer wheelbase than its predecessor. ALPINE A310 CALBERSON / TEAM SLOT. I reply that the mystery coupé is an Alpine-Renault, but he doesn’t look convinced. Savourez l’aventure du pilotage en famille ! 1976 also saw the release of the Renault R5 Alpine. Thanks! Also, the Porsche had a cabrio and Speedster, which were extremely popular in the important California market. When exactly it was diagnosed is not clear. Haven’t seen that example before, those widened ducts look serious. I do like the A130’s design for the most part, especially in profile, but I can’t reconcile myself with its rear end. Don, c’est magnifique! Having now driven one, I’m still utterly entranced by this most enigmatic of sports cars. Maybe it has to do with what I was exposed to when I started reading about cars, the mid-80’s are my “glory years” – I prefer the GTA/A610 over the A310, preferred the Countach LP5000 over the original LP400 and the Jalpa over the Urraco for example. The A310 was the next modern interpretation of the A110. Accounts describe his condition during the development of the new Alpine as one of increasing paralysis before he was to die in 1973. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Whereas the previous Alpine models had sold in the hundreds, over 7,500 examples of the A110 would be produced. I don’t recall seeing too many Peugeot 205s in town though. Fantastic to hear its getting a refurb. D’après Louis Chazel, l’Alpine A110 CUP est une excellente base de développement. The Alpine was not a cheap car. 25.7.2016 - Explore Jan Lamr's board "Renault Alpine A310", followed by 441 people on Pinterest. If Coggiola had been engaged by Renault or Alpine to help with styling during the ‘soft-form’ phase of the A310 in early 1968, it still takes us further away from the explanation as to how this soft form version came to be so close to the Monteverdi Hai. And with it comes a story touched by tragedy and still steeped in mystery. The fibreglass body was bolted to the chassis and the car’s dimensions were 164.5” (4,180mm) long and 63.8” (1,620mm) wide. In 1957 Rédélé asked Michelotti for another coupe which was delivered in 1958, though it’s not clear whether this was intended as a Renault or Alpine proposal. Yet for all the magic, I’m not sure that I’d want to drive any great distance in the A110. IIRC, Porsche was selling like 70% of its cars in the US in 50s and early 60s. Le « A fléché » d’Alpine signe la grille d’entrée d’air, les flancs, les ailes avant et le pavillon. Thanks for the article Don. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the Seventies and Eighties, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. - Page 17 The A310 replacement was again an Opron-headed task. From 1967, Renault’s racing efforts were officially represented by Alpine. Probably explains why I like 205 GTIs as well. Alpine had its own four-seaters running parallel with the two-seater Berlinette and cabriolet. The A310 was the next modern interpretation of the A110. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hope to see it around town. Review of the Teamslot Renault Alpine A310 Gp.5 - posted in 1:32 scale Cars: Teamslot Alpine A310 ReviewSlotForum has never known a Teamslot release to generate as much pre-release excitement as this Alpine-Renault A310. The car was powered by a succession of Renault engines. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Hi Don, I just spotted and read your great article. There is more to that story than meets the eye; if it weren’t for a very snowy 1978 Rallye de Monte-Carlo, we likely would have never seen such a beast. Don, what an absolutely fantastic write-up. Superclean which is how these need to look. But it’s a bit more complex than that. Les chronos sur le circuit de Lohéac. The spongy seats are far softer than those of the GTA, and the narrower, oh-so-’70s cabin more inviting. Recently caught this one in the backstreets of one of the bayside suburbs. Beyond this, there’s not much information on his styling career, though his presence was definitely felt when one of his sketches for the 114 project (above) reached the full-size prototype stage at Renault. Though it would lead a troubled life due to chronic underfunding in its various production opportunities, the Trident influenced – amongst others – Colin Chapman to pursue this vernacular for his own cars. I’ll leave it to the bien informés to point out any other modifications during the A310’s life. 1990 saw the GTA Turbo Le Mans released in the home market, with a revised frontal treatment and flared wheelarches. Suivez en direct toute l'actualité Auto-moto en Régions, découvrez les infos, les analyses et interview et bien plus encore avec France 3 Régions ! If you need any help, contact Paul through submissions and if he’s busy I’ll give you a hand. But while that brief foray onto these shores failed to produce any meaningful sales, across the Channel the marque enjoyed a long and illustrious career spanning more than four decades. Yves Legal was then hired by Alpine on a fulltime basis, and as the top image suggests (with A110s in the background), the refinement of the shape took place in Dieppe and not in Italy. Whatever their roles in the creation of the Alpine A310, the shape that emerged was one for the ages. Power: 169 HP Weight: 964 kg Weight Distribution: 50 Displacement: 1.605 cc Max. Michelotti had also been asked to submit a proposal (bottom right), but it was rejected for a number of reasons including that the brief had been changed to a four-seater. But when I first laid eyes on images of this car I was hooked. 3. I always loved the four-cylinder Renault 16TS powered A 310’s. Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. For the latest classic car news, features, buyer’s guides and classifieds, sign up to the C&SC newsletter here. A legend had been born. The Alpine A310 was a sports car with a rear-mounted engine and was initially powered by a four-cylinder 1.6 L sourced Renault 17 TS/Gordini engine. Hans Ledwinka had conceived the backbone frame nearly fifty years prior and first used it in his 1921 Tatra T11. Bonjour à tous, Mon mari est plus que passionné par la R5 Turbo 2. Ce week-end, on était aussi en Bretagne pour l'Autobrocante Festival de Lohéac 2017, un événement varié et qui plaira à tous ! There was one very big difference: Porsche was very successful in the US. I really can’t see the Alpine riding to any success in the US on the back of the Dauphine. Great find. 18. In fact it was another Italian carrozzeria, Coggiola, who was engaged by Renault to build the functioning prototype of the finalised A310 shape. “the mid-rear engined R5 turbo came about as a Stratos-beating suggestion from Bertone, who themselves had created the Stratos.”. In 1977, this A480 styling mockup was prepared as part of an attempt to create a ‘1980’ language for an Alpine in mid-rear engined configuration. The first examples came without windscreen, but by the time it reached the UK a windscreen had been added. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. What soon emerged were increasingly lairier versions of the R5. Juchet was then tasked with a clean-sheet approach for what would become the Renault R15 and R17 – a two-door four-seat specification based on mechanicals from the incoming R12 saloon. That Jean Rédélé’s career would be intertwined with Renault seemed somehow inevitable. France’s youngest Renault dealer Jean Rédélé had developed a series of performance modifications for the 4CV and, with co-driver Louis Pons, began to notch up some impressive victories. From 1971-73, the 1,605cc VE series featured twin 45 DCOE Webers putting out 125 hp (93 kW) at 6,000 rpm. The sloping rear window, which lifts up for access to the engine, limits rear vision. 1977 would be the last year of production for the venerable but glorious A110. I was barely aware of the A106, and I find its rear quarters a foreshadowing of the A130’s. I’ll be honest, French cars have often left me cold, they just don’t look interesting and the ones that are more out there, tend to be a mish mash of design choices that fails to find a coherent shape. He stepped away with a promise from Renault that they maintain production in Dieppe for the next fifteen years. Now I will think of some of the pictures above. From that point he became one of France’s most accomplished and celebrated drivers in rally and endurance events. Humbug! Renault Alpine A310 V6. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Akihito Toyoda. My favorite was the series I: when i saw the photos of the monteverdi above i was immediately reminded of the detomaso mangusta. At 24, he was France’s youngest new car dealer. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1971-76 Alpine A310 – Bittersweet Edge, Most of the early history of Alpine in this piece was drawn from, Professor Peter Stevens on his time contributing to the A310, http://www.talbotco.com/vitaloni_pics/baby_tornado_2.jpg, Vintage Photos: A Drive Down Sunset Strip in 1966 (Part 1) – The Google Street View Prequel, Curbside Outtake: 1989 Merkur XR4Ti – Last Merk Standing, The Changing Shape Of Cadillacs: 1959 DeVille and 2020 Escalade ESV – Same Wheelbase, Length and Width, Curbside Classic: 1971 Pontiac T-37 – We Build Confusion, Vintage Wishful Thinking: “Lazy Man’s Power Mower” – Air Conditioned Luxury. Nevertheless, he was again made head of styling at Renault from 1984 to 1987 upon Opron’s departure. As time has progressed, Fiore has been credited with both the Monteverdi Hai and Alpine A310 shapes. The unassisted steering is superb, the ride cosseting and the performance dramatic. Alpine sorted the handling on the 310 simply by putting huge tyres on the rear (they’re even bigger on this car) and it seems to have worked. Thanks Brad. Additionally, I think I’ve always been biased against the A310 because of the ’80s version of it and the fact that it wasn’t an A110, but the four-cylinder is a beauty. Legal apparently took Béligond’s rounded shapes and made them sharper, with more crisply defined junctures and surfaces. Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. It’s a common occurrence, owner Andrew Jones later tells me. The A310 is yet another example of a car that I read about as a child (in the UK-sourced “World of Automobiles” encyclopedia) and immediately fell in love with. The firm ride and gruff soundtrack are probably best sampled in small doses, and I think that it would be hard not to treat every road as a rally stage – much to the detriment of your licence. For one, the A110 was primarily conceived as a tarmac rally terror, with the gift of high traction via it’s rear engine layout. It was also around the time of this stylistic transition that the decision must have been made to exchange the problematic 3 litre V8 with a four-cylinder engine. Marque snobbery? Announced at the 1976 Paris Salon, the revised version – identifiable by its more orthodox quad-headlamp front end and a chunky rear spoiler – packed an all-alloy V6 engine in its shapely tail. With greater mass hanging behind the back axle line than in its petite sister, the A310 is more pendulous in its handling, but the steering is superb, the performance exhilarating and, although the Douvrin V6 is hardly the world’s most sonorous powerplant, the overall driving experience is supremely addictive. Comments (0) Overview; Reviews (1) Discussion; Game Version: 1.22 Controller Type: Game Controller Vehicle Manufacturer: Alpine Performance Points: 400 PP Max. Le stage de pilotage – 99,00€ Le circuit du Laquais, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, vous propose en attendant de recevoir votre exemplaire de faire un petit tour en Alpine A110, … The nub of the problem seems to sit with the fact that this new Alpine car was originally planned around the 3 litre V8, which – to best of my knowledge – was cancelled during the development of the A310. , Thanks Aaron. The later V6 being 90 degree brings it’s own compromise. In 1967, however, a much needed 6 million franc government loan was instead handed to Matra, leaving this trio to continue their efforts on their own. But I just assumed that “it was in the air”. Though Prieur’s use of the backbone differed in that the central tube did not carry a driveshaft, it predated Colin Chapman’s efforts with the Lotus Elan by at least two years. Required fields are marked *. Click stars to vote. But pour moi, the light version, the fragile one, the four cylinder. It’s listed in the 1977 World Cars catalogue alongside the V6 but when you compare the prices listed; 76,900 Francs for the 95 hp A310 TX, and 77,900 Francs for the 150 hp A310 V6, the senior model seems like a bargain. Il s'agit d'une vidéo à bord d'une A310 V6 d'origine roulant à l'E85. Béligond had already indirectly made his way into the French psyche. I’ve always liked the A110, and was a huge fan of the GTA/610 styling and while I don’t dislike the A310 it never really did that much for me. The louvres were available very early in the A310’s life but soon fell out of French regulatory compliance probably because of rear visibility issues, which makes their presence on the police cars even more interesting. After the refinement of the GTA, Crispin Forster’s A110 is a loud and brutal hooligan. Frequelin-Delaval, Ronde de la Giraglia winner The Alpine A310 V6 is likely one of the most beautiful rally cars of the seventies. L'école de pilotage, HMC Lohéac, leader de l'événementiel à Lohéac. That’s extremely flattering Paul. Based on what little I can unearth, one possible explanation is that Fiore was directly and discretely engaged to work as an independent freelancer on the Alpine project once Béligond’s condition surfaced. Longer, wider and taller, the shape had strong echoes of the A310, but careful attention to streamlining made it the most aerodynamic production car of its day, with a Cd figure of just 0.28. Not only the A310 but the whole history of Alpine–just brilliant! It was the work of French stylist Denis Meyrignac and was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977. I also have an A310V6 which I acquired 8 years ago as a non-runner not having run since 1988. Floor the throttle and the A110 roars around bends at a stunning pace, the steering amazingly communicative as the scenery flashes by in a surreal blur of this-shouldn’t-be-possible adrenalin-fuelled excitement. At its sticker price, sales were probably impacted by the fact that some buyers were waiting for the V6 version. A bewildering array of four-cylinder engine options was offered, ranging from a cooking 55bhp 956cc R8 unit, to a highly tuned twin-Weber version of the 1565cc motor from the 16TS – turned through 180º and mounted behind a five-speed R12 Gordini gearbox in the Alpine’s pert rump. The connection with the Hai is a revelation. In 1981, Yves Legal produced this sketch. Quite the opposite; the Dauphine quickly became an icon of a “lemon” in the US. The c-pillars are admittedly a handicap for the driver’s field of vision, but the shape is not entirely impractical. CC Scoop: Unseen Alpine Mid-Engined Proposal by Peter Stevens, Mike Tippett’s Curbside Classic of a barnfind Alpine A106 located in the US. These appeared in studio after the A310, but the normally well-informed Vauxpedia site claims the Firenza influenced the A310, despite the A310 being seen as early as March 1971 and on the road by October that same year. Nicely done. With the A110 gone, the A310 was initially the steed of choice for Renault’s gravel track ambitions. The mass-market sports car market was utterly dominated by rag-tops, which explains the failure of the TR7, as most Americans who had a sports car were either young or had a second car. I learnt lot there, and your knowledge of style and stylists comes right through. Torque: 165.2 ft-lb Drivetrain: RR Tires (Front): Sports: Hard Tires (Rear): Sports: Hard Pit Service: Change Oil; … A winner to the end, it bowed out with its head held high. The A106 would not only prove itself in competition, this new company would go on to produce 251 examples of the model. Your comprehensive high-quality articles are like a work of art. Only 21 examples were made. Meanwhile, Rédélé’s father-in-law – wealthy Parisian Renault dealer Charles Escoffier – had commissioned his own coupe based on the 4CV. Le moteur quatre cylindres de 1,8 litre demeure, mais la pression de suralimentation du turbocompresseur est augmentée de 0,4 bar pour offrir de meilleures performances. The A310 always struck me as a neat car, sort of a cross-pollenization between a Lotus Europa and TVR Tasmin and now, after reading the background on the design, I understand why. Also of significant note is that another of these “weakling” 5’s took second place in the 1979 Tour de Course, driven by Ragnotti once again. I was vaguely aware of the Alpine cars, but learned a lot this morning! Peter Stevens had been directly involved with the Alpine for the introduction of the V6 model, launched in late 1976. There was perhaps no better launching pad for the Alpine brand than on top of the Victorian Alpine-region’s opening Targa High Country stage at Mount Buller. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. As he later recounted; ‘I thoroughly enjoyed crossing the Alps in my Renault 4CV, and that gave me the idea of calling my future cars ‘Alpines’. According to Vauxpedia, the droopsnoot first appeared in June 1972 within the styling studio. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. They are an amazing little car, under appreciated and understood. The Alpine’s engine was derived from the R16’s 1,565cc I4, and was released in three variations. The Alpine A310 was debuted to the public at the 1971 Geneva Auto Show and was meant as a replacement for the A110, though it stayed in production until 1977.