A travers plus de 3000 pages d'informations et des guides thématiques, découvrez toute la splendeur de ce beau pays There are three classes of service, namely Grand confort (deluxe 1st), 1st and 2nd, and all are quite adequate. Public internet access is available in many cities and towns, usually using the Publinet logo. A few tour organizations organize day trips from Tunis to beaches in Bizerte and around the area for a price of about DT25 per person, with a meal included. Consequently, on roads other than the A-1,4,3 it can be difficult to maintain an average speed of more than 75 km/h most of the time as the speed limit is 90 km/h. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? Entre gastronomie, découvertes culturelles et excursion dans la région, Tunis vous offre un voyage riche et instructif, placé sous le signe de la diversité. by the Roman general Scipio, who is said to have wept at its destruction. It is advisable to organise your accommodations online or by phone prior to your arrival. You can also rent a furnished apartment. The dialect of Arabic spoken in Tunisia, similar to that in neighbouring Algeria and Morocco, is Maghrebi Arabic, which is nearly incomprehensible to speakers of the Gulf dialect, so don't be surprised if you don't understand locals even if you are competent in Arabic. Voyage à Djerba : faut il faire un test pcr ? Veuillez vous connecter à votre boîte aux lettres pour le confirmer. Abonnez-vous à notre newsletter pour obtenir le dernier scoop droit à votre boîte de réception. Envoyé avec succès. 04 22 13 08 60. However, all Tunisians learn standard Arabic in school, so most locals will be able to communicate in standard Arabic if needed. Tunisia [dead link] (Arabic: تونس‎ Tūnis), officially the Republic of Tunisia (Arabic: الجمهورية التونسية‎ al-Jumhūriyyah at-Tūnisiyyah), is a country in North Africa at the Mediterranean Sea. and tourists may be hassled, if only rarely - most locals will keep to themselves. 13 juin 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "tapis tunisie" de asma sur Pinterest. Le portail du tourisme tunisien. Mais en fait l'intégralité de la prestation est sous.traitee à une agence locale , nous n'avons jamais eu de contact avec 1 Salaun , nous avons eu des prestations d'hôtellerie quelquefois médiocres et un guide sympa mais qui ne connaissait pas très bien l'histoire er son pays . Some say that a refusal often results in a bad reaction, "being hissed at" is one example, but those who have been advised to refuse politely with a smile rarely complain. Tunisian women often wear outfits that would normally be seen on the streets of any major world city (tight jeans, slinky top), but they do so while showing traditional modesty by exposing virtually no skin. Tunisair is the national airline of Tunisia. Although Tunisia is best known today for its beach resort holidays, the country has an amazing heritage with some exceptional archaeological remains to be explored. One-way light railway tickets will cost approximately DT0.675. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème tapis tunisie, tunisie, tapis. Persistence is a major complaint. The southern island of Djerba is an alternative. En 2006, le Groupe Salaün acquiert le groupe National Tours, voyagiste breton réputé dont le siège social est situé à Rennes. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! No_Favorite. BOAT SHOWSalon de la plaisance et des activités nautiques en Tunisie: annuel: Tunis Parc des expositions du Kram: 07/04/2021 4 jours: MIT - MARCHÉ INTERNATIONAL DU TOURISMESalon international du tourisme et des voyages: annuel: Tunis Parc des expositions du Kram: 07/04/2021 4 … For the long distance you will have to make a reservation and pay a small fee (DT1,50 or so). Keep your belongings under your direct supervision all the time. You can take cash (in equivalent Tunisian dinars) directly from your bank account with a small extra fee (bank transaction from €1 to €2). In March 24 people were killed at the Bardo Museum in Tunis and in June a terrorist shot dead 39 tourists at a beach and a hotel in Sousse. "Non, Merci" is a very good response, with a smile. Muslims fast every day for its duration and most restaurants will be closed until the fast breaks at dusk. French is the primary language of higher education, and is commonly used in administration, commerce, and the media. Hannibal suffered his first significant defeat at the Battle of Zama in 202 BC, and after over 50 years of being watched closely by Rome, Carthage was attacked in the 3rd Punic War and completely destroyed. Orange in July 2016 was offering 2 for 1 packs (30 mins + 500mb for a month for DT2.5) and free SIM cards for tourists entering in Tunis airport. Sousse is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its authentic medina and souk, which should not be missed. Just before the iftar, Ave Habib Bourgiba is completely devoid of life and other-wordly. Tour-opérateurs spécialisés en Tunisie: retrouvez les coordonnées de toutes les meilleures adresses du Petit Futé (ALMA VOYAGES, ESCURSIA, ATALANTE). Nous vous ferons parvenir un lien de vérification. The wait is never too long in major cities, most of the time less than half an hour. USB keys for internet are rather popular and can be found for varying periods, even for short stays. Bourghiba was quietly replaced in 1987 by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Cela sera sûrement l’une des grandes tendances de l’année 2021 : la Tunisie parmi les meilleures destinations touristiques, devrait le rester… Tunisie.co est le portail touristique tunisien fournissant un guide pratique et interactif pour renseigner à portée de click les touristes et les Tunisiens sur la Tunisie. Le circuit : notre spécialité ! Profitez d'un voyage dernière minute ou autre promotion sur un séjour. The bus comes roughly every half-hour and stops in front of the terminal. Good cheese will be marked something like 12.400 DT or about US$7 a kilo. Tunisie. There are no timetables, but they wait in the louage station (which is generally near a train station if your destination is accessible by train) until 8 people turn up. While most women wear western clothes in the Capital (which has a mix of Mediterranean, European and Arabic cultures), the south of Tunisia is more conservative and far more traditional. An estimated 15% of the population is unemployed and many more survive on meager jobs. English is of limited use, but fine for use around tourist areas. The remaining highways have single carriageways, with traffic round-abouts at major intersections, which follow the European model (those in the roundabout have the right of way). For a foreigner, functional knowledge of Arabic and/or French will aid you well, and your likeliest bet for finding a job will be somewhere who has needs for your national language too. Tunisair express is the domestic airline branched off of TunisAir. Virtually no one drinks alcohol, and your best bet (at least in Tunis) might be the Hotel Africa. Vous qui partez en voyage Destination Tunisie Mai 2011 Présentation : Bernard Sabbah Production : CBS Productions. For other African and Asian countries' nationals, a visa must be applied for at the embassy of coverage. The official airport Wi-Fi requires payment, but connection to the public "Lindo Cafe" network from a restaurant of the same name is free. The dinar is divided into 1000 millemes, with typical coins being 5 DT (Silver with copper insert), one dinar (large and silver in colour), 500 millemes (smaller, silver colour), 100 and 50 millemes, (large brass), 20 and 10 millemes (smaller brass) and 5 millemes (small aluminium). Tunisians are aggressive, poorly skilled and discourteous drivers. International calls tend to be quite expensive (DT 1,000/minute to call anywhere in the EU). There are lots of fine hotels in Tunisia. Work issues are quite sensitive in Tunisia as job offers are limited even for Tunisian nationals. Post restante is offered in certain (bigger) offices. Le circuit est pour nous la meilleure façon de voyager et découvrir sereinement un pays proche ou lointain. If you are found with more than DT20 - 30, you will be invited to return landside to change them. Je suggère à M Michel Salaün de faire ce voyage dans les conditions où nous venons de le faire. page 1 These characteristics tend to apply across the price scale, though one can occasionally eat tasty couscous or "coucha" stew in some low-priced restaurants. A stamp for international letters costs DT 0,600. French and Arabic are used interchangeably. Judging from the way the money is swiftly palmed, you will have almost certainly just paid a bribe. Although police are visible at many major intersections, they seldom enforce traffic rules or stop bad drivers unless it is to solicit bribes. If you're planning to travel to Tunisia during Ramadan, consider reading Travelling during Ramadan. Be aware that the export of Tunisian currency is forbidden and searches of wallets and purses can, and do, occur at Tunis airport. After the dissipation of the Arabic Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire's Turkish Pashas ruled Tunisia. Monastir has a history back to the time of Hannibal, an especially notable museum and a wonderful ribat (fortified monastery). Devenue une..... Voir toutes nos destinations. Like most developing countries, road accidents are the leading cause of death and injury in Tunisia. Je ne parlerai pas d'arnaque pour un voyage de 19 jours ouest américain . Make sure it is started when you leave and in the corresponding mode (night, day, etc). Adresse : Centre ville Tunis : +216 22 907 661 / +216 53 639 718 Tattoo artist ‍ : Ahmed Tatoueur Exact dates of Ramadan depend on local astronomical observations and may vary somewhat from country to country. INFORMATIONS / RESERVATIONS. Finis les soucis et les coûts liès au trajet vers l'aéroport! Frequently, your waiter will claim to have calculated your total amount due in their heads and this will always be more than you actually owe. Ben Ali took a moderate, non-aligned stance in its foreign relations. The national currency is the Tunisian dinar, denoted by the symbol "دينار" or "DT" (ISO code: TND). e.g. Look for a large purple sign with the Publinet logo. As of 2018, there is a direct train three times per week between Tunis and the Algerian city of Annaba. These culminated with the decimation of Carthage in 146 B.C. In the northwest, Jugurtha's Table is a large mesa with a moon-like surface and deep crevasses and is normally accessed fom the town of El Kef. Salaries in Tunisia are naturally lower than those in Western Europe or North America. Le tour-opérateur breton ''Salaün Holidays'' tient évidemment compte de la pandémie dans son nouveau catalogue, qui fait la part belle à la Tunisie. Other airports countrywide serve national and international flights including: Charter flight companies can arrange flight and hotel, many that waiver a visa to enter. share. Also, check prices on menus before ordering. Furthermore, louages have the reputation to drive at a fast pace, and to be less safe than other transportation, so be aware of that. supervised hotel safe deposit), do not flash too much cash, and keep wallets, purses and other desirable items where pick pockets cannot reach them. Sadly, Tunisians seldom secure their children in appropriate car seats and these tiny passengers often bear the brunt of most accidents. Nothing (including water and cigarettes) is supposed to pass through the lips from dawn to sunset. - Mesure de la température du touriste à l'aéroport à son arrivée en Tunisie. Retrouvez la brochure « Vos Voyages 2021 » de Salaün Holidays en. Three wars between Rome and Carthage (known as the Punic wars) were waged in the first few centuries before the birth of Christ. French would be handy when booking accommodations. These events can be found mainly on Facebook. This seems to be borne out by the reports of sole female travellers who you would expect to receive the most attention, but who often report the least problems (from an admittedly small sample), perhaps because they are more cautious than accompanied females. Current rates for these and other currencies are available from XE.com. Following independence from France 20 March 1956, President Habib Bourguiba established a strict one-party state. It is the best and most secure way to send things in Tunisia. It is apparently not considered rude for a man to stare at a woman's body which should indicate that modesty will attract less attention. So if you are travelling with more people, try to get onboard quickly to find adjacent seats. Take this light railway system to Sidi Bou Said as well. The central western desert towns of Tozeur (with the film set of Mos Eisley) and Douz are surrounded by beautiful Saharan dune scenery. Arguing will get you nowhere and a request for a receipt will be met with an outright refusal. Malta and Tunisia are discussing the commercial exploitation of the continental shelf between their countries, particularly for oil exploration. Western women visiting can minimize attention by selecting clothing that minimizes skin shown. A good recommendation is only to carry enough cash for your immediate requirements and only one credit or bank card, provided you can be assured of the security of your reserves. One's best hope for good eating in Tunisia is to be invited as a guest in someone's home or eat at a food stall in a souk. From the airport, you can catch a taxi to the centre of Tunis (beware, meters may be rigged). Partez en toute tranquilité en France et à l'autre bout du monde. La Poste Tunisienne is quite efficient and fast. Nationals of Canada do not require a visa to enter and stay for up to 4 months. To see the Medina of Tunis, it would be best to park some distance from the Medina, and take the light rail (called TGM) in from Marsa/Carthage, the green tramway (called Metro) downtown, or perhaps a taxi in from the nearer outskirts. It is possible to maintain that speed on that road very easily. Hotel star ratings are not at par with European and US standards - a 4-star Tunisian hotel is the equivalent of a 3-star hotel elsewhere. There are also some agencies that have ongoing tours for groups and private travellers. Partagez des coupons de réduction ou des photos et vidéos de vacances Tunis avec vos amis, votre famille, et autres voyageurs via vos profils ou blogs. Safest is to arrange for a job before arrival. Women can expect to be the target of frequent catcalls ("Gazelle" seems to be especially popular). After massive street protests, Ben Ali was forced out of power in January 2011. You can withdraw local cash with a Mastercard or Visa card at many ATMs all over Tunisia. Virtually all of the restaurants were closed. Tunisia [dead link] (Arabic: تونس‎ Tūnis), officially the Republic of Tunisia (Arabic: الجمهورية التونسية‎ al-Jumhūriyyah at-Tūnisiyyah), is a country in North Africa at the Mediterranean Sea. It is prohibited to bring dinars in and out of Tunisia, so you have to change your money locally. Découvrez notre brochure Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, https://en.wikivoyage.org/w/index.php?title=Tunisia&oldid=4108264, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, UTC+01:00, Central European Time, UTC+02:00, 190 (emergency medical services), 198 (fire department), 193 (Q242218), +216-197 (police). After that many people were out, and you could order food at some cafes, and coffee and desserts at others. Favorisant de nombreuses activits, la Tunisie est l'une des destinations les plus populaires d'Afrique. All of Tunisia can be proud of its beaches, you just have to know where to find the "undiscovered" ones. For a time after the incident the UK government had recommended that its citizens leave Tunisia and not visit for anything other than essential travel. Some establishments will claim to have no menus, they usually have wall mounted menus. Carthage was then absorbed temporarily by the Byzantine Empire, until the rise of Islam in the 7th century. Mohamed Bouazizi, a street vendor set himself on fire in protest of the confiscation of his wares and police harassment. The turmoil of the Arab Spring began in Tunisia in 2010, and the country is today an island of stability in a chaotic region. Agencies organizing such treks include Libre Espace Voyage and Au Coeur du Desert. Partez pas cher pour Tunis et réservez sans plus attendre votre vol à destination de Tunis avec GO Voyages. Example fares from Tunis to Sousse are DT12/10/6 (€6/5/3) in Grand/1st/2nd class. Since 2009 the oasis Ksar Ghilane is accessible by tarmac road. Rental cars are fairly easy to find, but somewhat expensive, at DT100 or so a day, for a medium sized car such as a four door Renault Clio. Tunisian highways speed limit is 110 km/h. Beau voyage ,mais mauvais guide, ne savait pas respecter les horaires : déjeuner à 14H30,diner à 22H30,en retard sur les horaires de visites . Salaün Holidays : Agence de voyages organisés et tour operator en ligne prépare votre voyage, circuit, séjour, croisière et voyage en autocar au départ de votre région. His forced resignation was carried out under the pretext that he was unfit to carry out his duties as president, due to his ailing mental and physical state as a result of extreme old age. Some private people offer their own apartments for rent especially in summer. Treks into the desert are an increasingly popular part of a visit to Tunisia, and the towns of Douz and Tozeur are good starting points. However, the border areas with Libya and in parts Algeria are still not safe areas. Be prepared for a somewhat unique experience if you choose visit Tunisia during Ramadan. Almost all locals are bilingual in Arabic and French. Locals use louage or long-haul shared taxis where there is no train or bus. The Carthaginian Empire, Rome's arch enemy, was centred in Tunisia. Female travelers should be aware that, outside resort and areas of significant tourist concentration, they may find themselves with a beer in a smoky bar full of men drinking in a rather dedicated fashion.