After the end of World War II, the growth of transport by inland waterway in Europe, coordinated by the various international authorities, resulted in an enlarged and integrated network brought up to a minimum common standard for craft of 1,350 tons. There is an option to include breakfast in the daily rate. Central Europe Route. Choose from the best hotels and activities. Central Europe is caught between two worlds, the Frankish, Norman, and Mediterranean West and South of Europe - and the mainly Slavic Eastern Europe. Central Europe is such a beautiful area for backpacking. Thee of the most important political units in the region were the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealths and the German and Austro-Hungarian empires. The Link Light Railhas two main lines, and it has a total of 35 kilometers of railway length and 21 stations. I am planning a 3 weeks Central Europe trip which will be covering these cities: Berlin, Krakow, Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. Truthfully, you could make a case for visiting Central Europe at Begin your itinerary in Budapest, which is an excellent starting point when exploring this area of the world as it can act as a gateway to Eastern Europe. One question that many potential visitors to Central Europe ask themselves frequently is how long they should spend in the region. Obviously, if you have more time to spend, then you can’t go wrong with taking advantage of it. Click here to check their availability, Grand Hotel Bohemia – One of the best-rated hotels in Prague, they have a range of stylish and elegant rooms and are located in the heart of the Old Town. Up to 50% off. Begin this itinerary in Prague, the Czech capital. Thank you. Click here to browse more Bratislava hotels! Of course, no trip to Budapest is complete without taking the time to visit at least one of its iconic bathhouses, taking a leisurely stroll along the Danube, and partying until dawn at the famous ruin bars. They have a number of chic rooms available and even a spa and wellness centre to take the stress out of all of your travels. Central Europe itinerary 3 weeks. It is important to know that the rail pass is valid for 3 one way journeys on the two routes below: Vienna - Budapest - Prague; Vienna - Salzburg - Prague Not quite what you’re looking for? Though Olomouc isn’t the most visited city in the Czech Republic, it doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of great places to stay. Sart this classic Central Europe itinerary in the incredible, iconic Czech capital of Prague. Countries. There are countless great places to stay in Budapest that you are spoilt for choice in the Hungarian capital. Waters of Central Europe. The easiest way to access new currencies is to withdraw from an ATM (preferably via a card that does not charge ATM or foreign transaction fees). If you want an introduction to Europe, are keen to dip your toe into Eastern Europe or are just interested in this unique and beautiful part of the world, you can’t go wrong with exploring the lovely nations that make up Central Europe. You could also head to Austria’s lovely second city of Graz, which is also a great place to visit as a day trip (or to spend more time if you want to extend your trip)! Click here to browse the best deals on hotels in Olomouc. Cycling 5,100 km across Europe from west to east provides a fascinating insight into the world’s second most densely populated continent. Because you have four full days to spend in Prague, you also have the opportunity to cover quite a bit of ground and really get to know this great city. If you have more than two weeks and want to expand on this Prague-Vienna-Budapest itinerary, then you have a lot of options available. Esterbaueur guide of the Main Cycle Route. So whether you have many weeks to spend in Central Europe or are just keen to plan the perfect 2-week Central Europe itinerary, we’re here to help you plan your ideal trip to this incredible region. is never something you’re going to regret. If you’re wondering where to rest your head in the Austrian capital, check out these suggestions: Hostel Ruthensteiner — A great, family-run hostel that is perfect for budget backpackers and solo travellers. If you’re interested in seeing more of the Czech Republic beyond its capital, use one of the days in this itinerary to go on a day trip. One popular day trip is to the lovely town of Cesky Krumlov south of Prague. Major inland waterways of Europe. Click here to see their availability. From Vienna to Venice, Krakow and Budapest, Central Europe is jam-packed with diverse cities, fairytale architecture, and riveting historical sites. Hi Peter, I haven’t been to Gdansk before, however, Wroclaw is my favourite city in Poland so I definitely recommend visiting there if you can! From Budapest, hop on a train or bus (or rental car!) Click here to check their availability. If you’re looking for a great place to stay, check out these suggestions: Grampas Hostel – a budget travellers dream as it offers free breakfast, free dinners some days of the week and also organises a range of great social activities that make it easy to meet other travellers. There is the option to include breakfast in your daily rate and the staff can help organise your time in Olomouc. You could also extend by heading into Poland and exploring the cities of Krakow, Wroclaw, Posnan and up to the capital of Warsaw. Cruises stop in pretty Melk, dominated by an intimidating Benedictine monastery. Known for its grand architecture, fantastic cafe culture and beautiful cityscapes, Vienna is really an incredible city to visit no matter what kind of European route your find yourself on. This 2-week Interrail route is a loop, so you can start and end it at any point in the route. Hope you have a great trip! 7 Cross Europe West to East (or vice versa) Migrants and asylum seekers use the Central Mediterranean route to enter the EU irregularly. Central Europe Itinerary 2 weeks – Munich Vienna Prague Budapest Bratislava 10 day – Prague Vienna Budapest 10 days are enough to explore the … Sun Route. The region has so much to offer visitors and it is just as welcoming to a budget backpacker as it is to a luxury traveller. A complete day by day itinerary based on your preferences. Spend three full days in Krakow before heading onto…. Central Europe - Session Pack 1. However, most people don’t have an endless amount of time to spend traipsing across Europe and want to know what the ideal trip length is for a Central Europe itinerary. Europe - 12 Day Central Europe Itinerary - Hey everyone! The most iconic of the Central Europe itineraries is arguable a route through the incredible cities of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. We like WorldNomads and always use them for our trips – click here to get a quote from WorldNomads. The Land of Onion Domes & Fairytales. While there are many sightseeing routes to take in Central Europe, Prague is a popular starting destination. We recommend planning to spend 3 days in Krakow, which is plenty of time to see the Old Town and castle, explore the trendy Kazimierz quarter, visit some of the city’s moving museums and to go on a day trip or two. Click here to check their latest availability, Butterfly Home Danube – A lovely boutique hotel located close to the banks of the Danube on the Pest side of the city. Not quite what you’re looking for? If you want to have a bit more flexibility, have an easier time at getting off the beaten path, or simply don’t want to be at the mercy of inconvenient train or bus timetables, then renting a car could be a good option for you. Even better? The tourism high season throughout Central Europe undoubtedly hits during the summer months when school holidays begin throughout Europe and North America. Central Europe Session - OS 3359 - Take a stopping passenger train from Trenčín to Komárno in the early morning. It is also a ski resort in the wintertime. Also neighborhood running in Capitol Hill in the suburbs of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmondm and Bainbridge Island. We also suggest taking out an excess insurance policy with iCarHireInsurance in order to make sure that you don’t pay anything out of pocket should any damage happen to your vehicle and save you money compared to taking out a policy directly through the rental company. Between January and November 2020, 89 814 irregular arrivals have been registered. 15 Day Tour from Frankfurt to Frankfurt ON THE GO PACE . Take your first few days in Budapest to visit the top sights un the Hungarian capital, including the Parliament Building, Andrassy Utca, the Citadel and Fisherman’s Bastion, the Dohany Street Synagogue and the moving shoes on the Danube memorial. If you have lots of time to play around with, you can always combine this itinerary with the extended stops in Poland and then onto the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Waiting for you are outstanding medieval architecture, dynamic cities and history lessons, and yet you can still get away from the crowds on this route, visiting France’s dramatic northern coastline and by crossing through the fairy tale Bohemian Forest. On the Slovakian side, consider heading to sleepier Ždiar, which doesn’t get nearly the amount of tourism as Zakopane but has its own charm and is very much worth visiting. Olomouc has a large student population that gives it a young and vibrant energy and a lovely old town that is sure to take your heart. There are many properties available on the platform including private rooms in a local’s home to chic city-centre apartments. If you have time for a 3-week or a 4-week Central Europe itinerary, consider spending more time exploring Poland, including heading to the capital of Warsaw, onto the charming town of Poznan or even to the historic Baltic port town of Gdansk. Bus journeys tend to be slightly more affordable than train journeys, however, they are also not nearly as comfortable and tend to be a bit slower as you have to contend with traffic, etc. Trains are typically reliable, reasonably quick, and comfortable and there are ample routes between major municipalities that you’re unlikely to be standard or have to make a million connections so long as you’re not going too far off the typically trodden path. Learn about Central Europe’s rich history and see its historical sites as you travel through the heart of Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. 6 Go Island Hopping in Greece. Backpacking Europe Routes — Central Europe. to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava! I'm not sure how do i arrange the best route without any redundancy. Refine your trip. These countries have quite a bit to offer visitors and so many tourists don’t venture beyond the most popular cities. And my answer is that it really depends on what you want to see and how many places you want to visit. How to Visit Graz in One Day: Austria’s Charming Second City, How To Travel from Vienna to Graz by Train, Bus & Car. So if you want to Interrail Eastern Europe and Central Europe in about 2 weeks, you came to the right place! From Prague, hop on a train or bus to one of our favourite cities in the region, Olomouc! So, if you only have a short amount of time to play around with and want to get the most out of your trip to this region, I would recommend planning to spend no fewer than 10 days (and visiting no more than 3 cities) for your trip. After the end of World War II, the growth of transport by inland waterway in Europe, coordinated by the various international authorities, resulted in an enlarged and integrated network brought up to a minimum common standard for craft of 1,350 tons. Arrive in Budapest. And while I think that the more days you have to spend in Budapest, the better, the three full days allotted in this itinerary is more than sufficient to get a great feel for the city, see its top sites, and even venture a bit deeper into the Hungarian capital. This city is incredibly famous and popular for a reason: it is absolutely beautiful, deeply historic, easy to navigate and packed with fun and interesting things to do. The Great Runs Guide to running in Seattle. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. From Olomouc, it’s time to head to Krakow and enjoy a few days exploring this iconic city. However, if you only have time to allow for a 2-week trip, you can certainly cover a lot of ground and really get to know the region and the destinations you choose to visit. These four different routes are the ideal itineraries to follow if you want to explore a number of countries in cities in this period of time. Click here to browse the best deals on hotels in Budapest! 4 Discover the Balkans with Interrail. Rhone Cycle Route. Click here to see their availability, Smart&Green Living by Ambiente — This is a wonderful place to stay in Bratislava if you want a clean and comfortable self-catering apartment with hotel-like amenities. 1 2 Week Interrail route Central and Eastern Europe. These routes are popular for a reason, taking in world-class cities and amazing scenery. I’d suggest either picking one place to stop on the way or flying between Prague and Zadar and spending more time in the Czech Republic. There are countless amazing places to visit from Prague and it is sure to give you a great view of what life is like in Czechia. Central Europe is such a beautiful area for backpacking. Live. Start with Budapest, a gorgeous city known for its thermal baths, unique architecture, and stunning setting along the Danube River. Click here to see their availability. Make sure to take in the main site, enjoy the vibrant nightlife and trendy culture, but also take the time to learn about its heartbreaking history. Airbnb — Airbnb is an excellent option for a lot of your Central Europe itinerary, and particularly Vienna. Miss Sophie’s Hotel – An excellent boutique hotel in a renovated house that offers a range of private rooms suitable for couples and families. Click here to browse for the best deals on hotels in Wroclaw. The Austrian capital of Vienna is known for its intellectual and artistic past: it … There are so many options available to those who have time for a 3 week or 4 week Central Europe itinerary and you can easily combine some of these 2-week itineraries or following the suggestions in the ‘Have more Time’ sections. There are a range of dorm beds available, great common areas, and a convenient central location making it the perfect base to explore Bratislava. Answer 1 of 3: Hi everyone. In Poland, you could easily spend time in the capital of Warsaw, head onto charming Poznan and spend some time wandering through beautiful Wielkopolska National Park. There are a number of great places to stay in Prague that will suit any travel style. Select country + Albania. •. West Highland Line, Fort William to Mallaig, Scotland. Hi Peter, I think 3 days isn’t enough to see all of Bled, Ljubiana and Zagreb! Backpacking Europe Itinerary 3+ months: The Ultimate European Backpacking Route Having three months or more to backpack thru Europe is an awesome experience. They have both private rooms and dorm beds available and great common areas to meet other travellers. Many of the migrants transit through Libya on their journey towards Europe. If you’re interested in getting around Central Europe by bus, I recommend looking at Flixbus to book your journey or booking through Omio again, as well. Check out these many places to add on your Central Europe travel itinerary that the amount of options feel overwhelming. From the chilled out vibes of the mountains, it’s time to head to the another of the most iconic cities in Central Europe — Krakow. Click here to check their availability, PURO Krakow Kazimierz – An excellent luxury option in Krakow, this cool hotel is located in the hip and trendy Kazimierz neighbourhood of the Polish city. This pack contains 4 sessions for the route Central Europe v0.96.All of these sessions are available on the DLS for free download with the same kuids as listed below. Major inland waterways of Europe. If you can, we think that the ideal period of time for a short trip is 2 weeks. Centrally located, they have numerous chic, clean and comfortable rooms available and great amenities to make your stay in Austria’s capital a great one. We are travelling to Eastern central Europe, July 2019 Start with a water-view meal in Germany's Regensburg, a city replete with historical constructions.Then visit Linz and its stunning riverside art gallery before boarding a tour boat. As discussed, the ideal short period for a Central Europe itinerary is 2 weeks. This beautiful city is compact and absolutely charming and very much worth exploring for a few days.