On the action plan the strategic domains of development were identified including actions and projects with expected effects in the context of climate change. It sets out the vision and objectives of national climate policy, reinforcing the commitment to develop a competitive, resilient and low-carbon economy, contributing to a new development paradigm for Portugal. Les causes du changement climatique; Les effets du changement climatique; L'action de l'UE. In the Mediterranean states, increasing average temperatures, together with the increasing probability of heatwaves, could result in temperatures exceeding comfortable levels more frequently in the future. This strategy will be operationalized through a Regional Plan for Climate Change (currently in approval stage), which includes a detailed study on impacts and vulnerabilities and identification of adaptation measures in various sectors. In summer, northerly or northeasterly winds bring warm and dry air into Portugal, which is either of continental or maritime origins. Under the high-end scenario of climate change, the yearly average number of heat waves increases by seven to ninefold by 2100 near the Spanish border and the most frequent length rises from 5 to 22 days throughout the twenty-first century. One of its objectives is precisely the establishment of effective reporting mechanisms, namely in the context of international obligations. Réchauffement climatique VS changement climatique L’accumulation, sans cesse croissante depuis plus de 100 ans, de gaz à effet de serre dans l’atmosphère piège la chaleur à la surface de la Terre : cet effet de serre entraîne un réchauffement planétaire. For the Azores case, a regional plan is planned to be approved in 2019 in order to operationalize the regional strategy on climate change. Conclusions du Conseil sur le changement climatique . The threshold for a certain day is the 10 % highest temperature in a period of 31 days centred around that day for a period of 20 years (the recent-past climate of 1986-2005). Bingo (Bringing INnovation to onGOing water management) - A better future under climate change, RESCCUE (RESilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban arEas) - a multisectorial approach focusing on water, PLACARD (PLAtform for Climate Adaptation and Risk reDuction). The Azores comprises nine islands. Portuguese Environment Agency with the cooperation of Ecoprogresso – Environment and Development Consultants, SA (2009), Kostopoulou and Jones (2005); Vicente-Serrano and Cuadrat-Prats (2007), both in: Costa and Soares (2009). For the moderate scenario the increase in the number of heat waves is milder, but even in this scenario, an average of 5 heat waves are projected for the end of the twenty-first century. The Atlantic climate predominates overall, putting most of the country into the humid zone of the Iberian Peninsula; this is especially true in the northwest, where the climate is mild and rainy. Souvent, au sein du grand public, la question climatique est perçue à travers la médiatisation des Santos, K. Forbes, R. Moita (editors), SIAM Project, Gradiva, Lisbon, Portugal, 2002, Scientific employment for PhD graduates (all domains incl. It summarized the conclusions of the sectoral reports produced within the scope of the previous NAS, some of which counted with sectoral stakeholders engagement initiatives. Number row days max. Le changement climatique a plusieurs impacts sur notre santé. Entre 2030 et 2050, on s'attend à 300 000 décès supplémentaires par an dus au climat. The Azores comprises nine islands. The level on how adaptation is being mainstreamed varies from sector to sector. This concern is addressed through the Scientific Panel and the thematic area dedicated to research and innovation. Mean seasonal precipitation is expected to decrease substantially in all seasons, excluding winter. et avons augmenté le recours aux énergies renouvelables dès que cela était possible. Cold days almost disappear. APA has the mission to develop the public policies for the environment and sustainable development, Head of unit of adaptation and monitoring, Rua da Murgueira, 9/9A – Zambujal, Ap. See more information on subnational level in section "Engaging Stakeholders: participation and capacity building" / "Governance". Within the EEA Grants 2014-2021 the Environment Programme was launched in 2019 with an intervention area dedicated to increase resilience to climate change, through strengthened adaptation at local level, vulnerability assessment updated for territorial focus, and management of Ceira river Basin adapted to a changing climate. Model projections are more variable for the centre and south in the winter season within this same period. Some of the issues addressed include the development of funding mechanisms and selection criteria for applications. During the transition seasons Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) the amount of precipitation is highly variable (1,9). O Acordo de Kyoto sobre as alterações climáticas termina em 2012. Some of the services already provided are the drought monitoring and the fire risk index. With over 100 different ranges to choose from and 14 different adventure classes. Le réchauffement climatique mondial de ces 50 dernières années est probablement dû à plus de 95% à l’activité humaine. Sans les causer directement, le réchauffement climatique, en augmentant la probabilité, la durée et l’intensité des feux de forêt, amplifie ce sinistre phénomène. The precipitation regime seems to become more homogenous over the Portuguese southern territory (2). A significant part of the territory is covered with Adaptation Plans at municipal and intermunicipal level. Utilisez ce Powerpoint en classe ou chez vous pour aborder le thème du changement climatique en cycles 2 et 3. In the previous NAS, the sub-sector coastal areas was partially addressed in the sectoral adaptation strategy for water resources. This has a positive effective by improving the interface on science and policy by having a representative entity for each of these domains as coordinators of the thematic area. This was done for 2071–2100 compared with 1961–2000. From 2012 until 2016 the annual bilateral ODA figures range from 0, 87M USD (in 2012) to 3,43M USD (in 2014). The cold spells that still may occur, are of smaller duration and intensity than those of today (13). The Scientific Panel is presently constituted by 20 scientists with recognized experience in different areas related to, among others, climate change, environment, risk management or public policies. The future heat waves will also enclose larger areas: approximately 100 events in the 2071-2100 period (more than 3 per year) will cover the whole country. Changement climatique : vers l'hiver le plus doux en France ! The training events focused essentially on the different phases needed to prepare a Local Adaptation Strategy, including vulnerability assessment, usage of climate change scenarios, identification of adaptation options and prioritization, along with stakeholders involvement. supporting policy-setting exercises and policy instruments; definition of references for financing instruments; promotion the implementation of structural actions to reduce the climate change vulnerability of the territory and economy; and. Climate change is considered to be a “very serious problem” by nine out of 10 Portuguese nationals, higher than the European average. It is within this thematic area that activities such as reporting to the UNFCCC and to the European Commission are held. The progresses on knowledge improvement on climate change covered aspects such as the identification of impacts in the energy supply sector, the use of climate sensitivity in modeling of energy demand and scenario building of the national energy sector, and the preparation of a database of academic literature and reports related to climate change and energy. 1Le changement climatique constitue une thématique politique relativement récente dans les agendas politiques et électoraux. du Portugal, du vice-président de la commission temporaire du Parlement européen sur le changement climatique et du rapporteur de l’Union européenne de la stratégie thématique pour la … CC), Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA), SNIRH - National System of Information on Water Resources, climate projections and sector vulnerabilities, Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation assessments, Last reporting on Adaptation (Art. Les accords de Kyoto sur le changement climatique prendront fin en 2012. That’s not the case with Portugal, where things are relatively… A generalized warming of sea water was observed along the Portuguese coast during the last decades (1980–2010), mainly in spring and summer. The lowest island (Graciosa) has a maximum elevation of 402 m, whereas Pico has the highest point of the Azores and of Portugal (2351 m). As for biodiversity, the Sectoral Adaptation Strategy’s orientations have been integrated in biodiversity and nature conservation policies and other policy documents. Home Changement climatique Impact sur l’agriculture et coûts de l’adaptation Institut international de recherche sur les politiques alimentaires IFPRI Washington, D.C. Actualisé en Octobre 2009 Gerald C. Nelson, Mark W. Rosegrant CIRCLE-2 produced a searchable European InfoBase of Climate Adaptation projects (this database is not exhaustive), which contained a total of 132 adaptation research projects in Portugal. Lutter contre le changement climatique Pendant plus de 20 ans, nous avons pris des mesures pour réduire les émissions de CO 2 émissions liées à notre activité industrielle. Within this scope it is being prepared a Research and Innovation Agenda on Climate Change, to be published in 2019. The strengths and weaknesses identified in this progress report were properly addressed in the preparation of the current NAS. Nous relèverons les défis du changement climatique. For the short term approach the NAP will constitute a guideline for the purpose of mobilization of the existing financing instruments. In this study (13), a heat wave is defined as the period of, at least, three consecutive days in which the maximum temperature during a day is equal or above a certain threshold temperature. - How does climate change affect the coast of Portugal? Le changement climatique nuit à nos communautés, et les plus pauvres sont les premiers à subir les conséquences les plus lourdes des catastrophes environnementales. At transnational level is worth noting the Transnational Operational Programme for Madeira-Azores-Canary Islands. As in Spain, three sets of influences are involved: Atlantic, continental (Mesetan), and Mediterranean. The highest point of the island is Pico Ruivo (1,862 m). Mean annual precipitation over mainland Portugal is of about 900 mm, though with considerable spatial variability; the coastal north has the highest precipitation levels (>2500 mm) while the lowest (< 500 mm/year) are observed in the southern coast and in the eastern part of the territory. The number of heat wave days is expected to increase even more, and reach between 4 and 40 times the value for 1986-2005. Porto Santo Island is located roughly 40 km Northwest of Madeira and has a maximum altitude of 517 m (Pico do Facho) (1). These indicators are based on the monitoring framework and respective targets of the financial mechanisms that support the Lines of Action of the NAP. It contains a set of observed and modeled climate data, which define a climate adaptation profile to Portugal. Recent climate change has exacerbated this event making it at least 1°C warmer than similar events since 1950 (16). Other mechanisms of relevance are. Improvement of impacts and vulnerability assessments; Mainstreaming adaptation in their sectoral policies. This reduction is statistically significant; it spans from less than 20 % in the north to 40 % in the south in the intermediate seasons, and is above 50 % in the largest portion of mainland in summer. Ce rapport présente une nouvelle évaluation quantitative détaillée des conséquences du changement climatique sur la croissance économique dans les décennies à venir. The introduction of 6 cross-cutting thematic areas (research, financing, international cooperation, communication/dissemination, spatial planning and water resources) in the governance structure provided the common ground where the sectoral groups improve articulation. 15) submitted. The precipitation regime in Portugal can be explained by two different seasonal atmospheric mechanisms. Besides, heat waves will become more intense (hotter) and especially night-time temperatures will increase strongly, making it hard for citizens to recover from the heat of the day. In the highlands there are over 200 days with precipitation per year, 70 of which have high values of precipitation (more than 10 mm). 5% of the longest events will last for more than one month. Unfortunately, limited progress on other sectoral groups was also observed, such as industry, tourism, safety of people and assets and spatial planning, due to the availability of resources and skills which reduced the depth of the assessments conditioning the quality of the final products. Being this information available in a user-friendly format allows for any project to make a proper characterization of climate variables, considering climate change scenarios, in any part of mainland Portugal's territory. It will run in 11 EU countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the UK. The Portuguese climate portal is a web platform that can be used as a resource to explore, evaluate, synthesize and learn more about climate change vulnerabilities and risks in Portugal. In general, each intermunicipal area have the respective association of municipalities working on this issue. Climate Change in Portugal: Scenarios, Impacts, and Adaptation Measures - SIAM (2002) This object has been archived because its content is outdated. James Bay, Canada - Copernicus Sentinel-3 data (2019), processed by A. Vecoli James Bay, Canada - Copernicus Sentinel-3 data (2019), processed by A. Vecoli The annual number of days with a minimum temperature below 0°C (frost days) can be higher than 50 in the northern centre. Le développe-ment aide les pays à se diversifier en délaissant les secteurs trop exposés, améliore l’accès à la santé, à l’éducation et à l’eau, et ré-duit la pauvreté. The sector agriculture registers a significant number of policies and instruments with synergies with adaptation both in terms of delimitation of vulnerable areas and identification of adaptation measures. the Common Strategic Framework 2014-2020 (ERDF; ESF; CF; EAFRD; EFMAF). The NAS has a thematic area dedicated specifically to research and innovation in order to promote the national science and knowledge in relevant areas for a coherent implementation of the NAS. The majority of the models predict a moderate increase in rainfall in the north in the winter season for the period 2070-2099 relative to the baseline period of 1961-1990. Du Portugal au Groënland, les incendies ravageurs se multiplient. For the sector safety of people and assets it’s highlighted the approval in 2017 of the National Strategy for a Preventive Civil Protection where resilience is promoted in alignment with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Paris Agreement and the NAS. It is now universally accepted that climate change is happening. This climate portal has more than 40 climate variables available on the website aggregated in the following groups: Additionally, the National Authority of Civil Protection has a national database on disaster response and losses since 2006 and publishes that information on the yearbooks of civil protection events. 5:42. Precipitation in Portugal is projected to decrease throughout this century, and more clustered into extreme events, accentuating the vulnerability of Portuguese water cycle to global warming (10,15). As a result of a reduction of the rainy season, different scenarios forecast a reduction in annual rainfall in the continent in the 21st century by 20-40% of current levels. The Common Strategic Framework is implemented at national level by several national Programmes (Portugal 2020) with the Operational Programme on Sustainability and Resource Use Efficiency (PO SEUR) and the Rural Development Programme (PDR 2020) standing out as the most significant in matters related to adaptation action. The Autonomous Region of Madeira published a website where all the information contained in its Regional Adaptation Strategy can be easily accessed, including cartography for climate scenarios and for sectoral vulnerability variables. Both halfway and at the end of this century, the number of heat waves and heat wave days are expected to increase in all studied locations across Spain and Portugal. In S. Miguel the annual mean temperature varies between 9ºC and 17ºC. According to these results, yearly precipitation will decrease over Portugal, between 15 %, in the north, and over 30 % in the south. More than half of the heat waves will be stronger than the extreme heat wave of 2003 by the end of the century. definition of actions to be developed until 2020. The adaptation measures and actions implemented in this context find financial support within the scope of rural development, the structural funds, the permanent forest fund and regular budget. Led jointly by the […] In this way one of the thematic areas of the NAS deals specifically with this aspect having the objective to "focus on the prioritization and articulation of funds and available means for coherence adoption of the options and adaptation measures required to implement the NAS". Cenários, Impactos e Medidas de Adaptação F.D. Mean annual air temperature varies from a minimum of 6ºC in the central interior highlands (Serra da Estrela) to a maximum of 17ºC along the southern coastline. Another initiative held within this project with clear benefits on public awareness was the workshop for journalists about climate change. You can still access it as legacy Description. Many different definitions are being used, that may lead to different conclusions. The NAS governance includes also mechanisms of coordination across administration levels within two perspectives: first by having the subnational administration (RAA, RAM and ANMP) representatives as elements of the NAS Coordination Group, and second by having a thematic area dedicated to spatial planning with the main objective of mainstreaming adaptation in Territorial Management and Policy Instruments at all scales relevant to a coherent implementation of the NAS. According to these projections: On the islands, the temperature increase is estimated to be more moderate than in mainland Portugal, in the order of 1-2ºC in Azores (1). In this project several training events for local officers led to the development of 27 Local Adaptation Strategies. de verandering van het klimaat in een bepaald gebied over een bepaalde periode, m.n. Most of these are provided as outputs of key projects and initiatives.