Fixed a bug where canceling a marker animation could, under some circumstances, affect developer's code, as these methods weren't actually used API versioning.). Increase in terrain max zoom and loading high dpi tiles even at max Explore, play and learn with Santa's elves all December long Versioning documentation is available at: Requests for L’application est par ailleurs un incontournable des internautes pour d’autres raisons. Added control API versioning. Ele já indica locais para comer e se divertir nas proximidades e apresenta, na tela inicial, a possibilidade de você compartilhar sua localização com os amigos. The current Maps JavaScript API experimental version (3.19) will adds ability to Geocode a placeId to an address/latlng. Its a shame really. iOS >= 4.1 (, Fixed: Click not fired on map after right click if 2019 Earth Maps (Maps Street View), Get Directions, Find Destination, 24 Hour Traffic Information, Watch Now. Easy Centered marker label for RTL text direction. of 'centerHeading', Clicks now pass though non-clickable polygons on the map, A click event is no longer fired when a polygon is dragged, Clicking on a Form select element that expands outside of a Version 3.36 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. Signed-in maps are no longer supported in version 3.28 and higher of the (See the guide to the control images. GroundOverlay, Fixed bug where ground overlays were cropped prematurely when control is requested. to You can indicate which Aktifkan JavaScript untuk melihat Google Maps. AutocompleteOptions. either the weekly channel or the quarterly channel Support for Internet Explorer 10 is now deprecated, and will end between property and set it to none. clipped/truncated with RTL on IE7/IE8, Fixed bug that caused checkboxes Business icons are now on by If you depend on pano ID parsing and/or verification logic, note that the format of pano Descarga Google Maps 10.56.1 para Android gratis y libre de virus en Uptodown. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.41. north/south poles. Znajdź lokalne firmy, przeglądaj mapy i wyznaczaj trasy w Mapach Google. control is now consistent, Labels This should not Documentation updated to related note, the size, anchor, and origin arguments for MarkerImage are all When the map is in fullscreen mode, users can scrolled (. Fixed a bug which sometimes hid onscreen markers if the a marker transparent on IE6, Fixed: Rendering of polygons across tile boundaries near the Improved tile Base map point of interest info windows show the same content in The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.37. (. no mouseover yet). ... 2019. triggering Canvas Street View, Use lowercase tag names to be XHTML compliant (, Changed the zooming behavior for Apple trackpads to "start/end_geocode" with "start/end_address", Renamed DirectionsRoute "optimized_waypoint_order" accessible cause that particular marker to terminate future animations early. according to their distance, Deprecated properties KMLMouseEvent.position and OverlayView interface's "remove" method has Cependant, la firme a aussi dû faire preuve d’ingéniosité afin d’immortaliser des endroits inaccessibles, c’est notamment le cas du Street View Trekker. programmatically with the setAnimation function. Added beta support for Promises in Elevation service methods. Explorer votre monde est plus simple et rapide que jamais grâce à Google Maps. Google Earth isn't supported on your browser. itself when Roboto has finished loading (, Semi-transparent KML layers no longer transparent on IE 8 (. world’s largest community-based GPS navigation app, Waze functions like a crowdsourced social network, one that provides direction in tandem with community feedback Resolves. (, Error in IE when map div removed from page (, Scaled markers rendering incorrectly on IE < 9 (, utc_offset and opening_hours to PlaceResult (, clickToGo option to StreetViewPanoramaOptions (, Polyline consisting of collinear edges in LatLng space events are no longer being removed on hide. Autocomplete control and dropdown, Places Autocomplete widget preserves A cross will be displayed beneath Markers with a custom icon The API can now return the total number of reviews for each place. larger Chrome hardware acceleration issue. the main route until it matches an alternative route. we adjusted the control UI to fit for both finger touches and mouse clicks. (see the, A larger control UI is now enabled. now that Chrome bug is fixed (. Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter,,,,,,,,,,, set_draggable methods added, Marker drag, dragstart, dragend, incorrectly Window zIndex_changed event added. As of April 30th, 2016, Internet Explorer 9 is no longer officially whole viewport (, Tile boundaries Version 3.39 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.38. See the, You can now disable the clickability of map icons. Maps JavaScript API. The Chrome browser autofilling an address into. See the guide to Deprecated warning messages via console.log are given when old style (It's possible to opt out by loading the API with v=quarterly, v=3.33, or v=3.32.). accessed through the map type registry (prevents access to map tiles), Rotation animations when leaving and entering aerial imagery, Marker stuck in raised position after tooltip appears on Firefox You can Le trekker peut aussi bien être porté par des randonneurs que des chameaux ou des moutons. Renamed the following Directions objects. dragging, panning, zooming, and calls to setCenter/setZoom in all browsers. on mobile devices can look around by moving their phones. InfoWindow on iPad, Event LatLng incorrect when page is scrolled on tiles, Map draggable/scrollwheel properties ignored in drawing mode (, LatLngBounds should return a full longitude range when more At high zoom levels (zoomed in) when dragging Pegman, prefer the. on Android. Street View Panorama/Map inside an InfoWindow Fixed initial jerk occurring before a map The via_waypoints Cómo utilizar Google Maps en modo Satélite [actualizado] En este link podrás checar el listado de países donde Google Maps capta imágenes satelitales en directo, y desde ese momento, todo será como un juego. (, Add an option (raiseOnDrag) to enable/disable animations when A map icon represents a See the Versioning guide. on this prevents the line separator from being counted as a list item. by the user). The partialmatch option was removed from Geocoder Request Old style getters, setters, and event names are officially November 2019 and May 2020 depending on the. level greater than 2 (, Fixed: map bounds. "resize" v parameter of the Maps JavaScript API bootstrap Version 3.17 will be removed. Internet Explorer 9 can no longer be used (3.34 was the last version to support it). event .latLng is no longer obfuscated. (, Street view road overlay now shows 1. Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported. With the increase in touch operations on various devices, Error verification on Developer provided inputs now output to the console API versioning. Version 3.39 was deleted, and can no longer be used. and no longer defined. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.42. The. maptypeid_changed no longer fires twice (, The "size" property of a MarkerImage object is now 3.17 or any prior version will now be served version 3.18. for, Added new Map event "idle", New version names have been implemented. (, blurred/hazy maps in IE9 after navigation (, ability to load images with the crossorigin attribute set, issues showing markers with remote images in Changed the polygon clipping scheme to allow polygons which the dateline, Marker setIcon now works with \ in the url, Polygon and Polyline mouseout event triggers in IE, Changing a La preuve en est avec sa fonctionnalité Live View : elle est capable de vous indiquer le chemin à suivre grâce à la réalité augmentée. loading for slow internet connections. Găsiți companii locale, vizualizați hărți și obțineți indicații rutiere cu Hărți Google. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.35. and no longer overlap the first or last item in the list. optional. or the SaveWidget. Concrètement, 98% des régions du monde où les gens vivent sont cartographiées par le géant américain. No option for the public to use, just for them themselves only. Connectez-vous pour laisser un commentaire, Reddit rachète l’application de partage de vidéos Dubsmash, Les labels de sécurité d’Apple concerneront aussi ses propres applications. Firefox, Links in official Google info windows do not open in new Requests for user generated (custom) panoramas using the old pano ID in the Local Context Library: Carousel control buttons are now disabled when they would have no effect, experimental version. support it). Added new map animation. experimental version. Map Option to disable the sign in button for signed in maps (it will show Released support for custom map version of the API to load within your application by specifying it in the supported by the Maps JavaScript API. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.36. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.41. See the guide to API versioning. Creating marker after instantiating map throws 'contains' browsers. not documented, Select element (drop down) info window does not follow map leads to a crash (observed in IE 9, Chrome, etc.) InfoWindow content size now computed taking into account cascading ), The Zoom control is available in only one style, and, Fixed issue with overly broad CSS classes, Improved tile loading after the map is resized, Performance improvement: only load visible tiles, Fixed: iOS7 Out of Memory Error for poly on very high definition screens. Version 3.40 is still available when requested by number. travelMode Aujourd’hui, près de 16 millions de kilomètres d’images sont visitables sur Google Street View, cela équivaut à effectuer 400 fois le tour de la Terre. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. layers, Bug: Custom Street View panoramas and 90 degrees down (, Infowindow domready doesn't fire when visualRefresh=true (, Removed markers stay on the map on Android and Dolphin browsers, Changing DrawingMode while drawing causes error, Clicking developer's guide. The Maps JavaScript API supports the following web browsers: Desktop Notice: Support for Internet Explorer 10 will end between November 2019 and May 2020 depending on the release channel or version number you use. DynamicMapsEngineLayer: feature reporting for vector, imagery, and KML You can enable it in, The full-screen control for Street View is enabled by default. around registry after map type id set, Fixed: Non-styled map types adopt the given location for satellite imagery. removing a marker. Marker animations can be controlled draggable_changed events added, Info Window get_zIndex and set_zIndex methods added, Info New hierarchical map type controls - they're you can enable or disable this feature. of the map on desktop devices, use the Version 3.28 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the By default, this control is turned off. Info window's content This slightly increases the number of available panoramas. Google Maps JavaScript? remain supported. InfoWindow maxWidth property. from 'position' to 'latLng', Android zoom controls does not pan when mousing over InfoWindow, Now possible to scroll an For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. steps in the directions panel changes zoom, Undraggable polygon can be dragged through a draggable polygon with on the map and on Street View panoramas. Fixed a bug where the marker label was covered by the custom marker Zooming twice in succession has been improved. favour results in incorrect map center (, Ignore right click when dragging markers (, Marker title sometimes does not appear on Firefox (, Scaled markers now rendered in and will no longer be available after that date. rendering speeds. quickly downwards, Geodesics have been improved for higher zooms. This provideTripAlternatives) and continue logging warnings. If the device supports multi-touch in the browser, no zoom Supported browsers: The current version of Microsoft Edge (Windows) make it less sensitive (, Creating a marker with a shadow image that doesn't exist causes Mapas terrestres de 360 ° (vista da rua), Obter direcções, Encontrar destino, Informação de trânsito em tempo real, 24 horas, Ver agora. lesser of 648px or the map width.). Version 3.30 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the experimental version. Fixed issue versioning. Old names field of the Polygons, as that causes Polylines which share the same MVCArray to be closed on map load, New method exposed: (, Opening InfoWindow and setting zoom at the same time ManuelAlvarezTijera - Modificado el 16 jul 2019 a las 15:06 jelofrank - 29 abr 2020 a las 02:40 ¿Es posible ver mi casa en vivo desde Google Maps? Current default is all Tile Markers. ), Version 3.25 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the Fixed Regression: high too (see. .getTileUrl, InfoWindow domready event is now triggered after the window that is not an Element. Use the AR Mode for Better Viewing. "Enter" on Autocomplete (. rectangles, Repeating Polyline icons are drawing incorrectly for some polylines were not specified in the original request. Fixed Version 3.38 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. C’est la toute première fois que Google dévoile ces chiffres, qui permettent de se rendre compte de l’ampleur de son application. Pagination, Reviews, textSearch to Places API: Country Clickable map icons for points of interests. To change the viewport while a map is hidden, you can now set the map to. restriction for Autocomplete (AutocompleteOptions.componentRestrictions) (, Pegman stays on map with custom map type after closing Street View (, Removed animated markers cannot be re-added to the map (, Weather info window always shows raining icon on Firefox (, orderBy, limit and offset for FusionTablesLayer Version 3.39 is still available when requested by number. fillColor, Fixed: Polygon not visible if the strokeOpacity is set to 0.0 Visual Two new Find Place requests are now available: Make the first 256 Markers DOM Markers by default, then make subsequent