Well you'd think so but apparently not. Le vainqueur de l'édition 2005/2006 … Put the kettle on. Rio Ferdinand has reportedly been chilling to Jay Z and Curtis Mayfield on his mp3 player while in Germany. Elle a affronté l'Angola le 11 juin, l'Iran, le 17 juin et rencontra le Mexique le 21 juin. He kept the ball very well and I'm quite comfortable knowing that we could go to penalties here because Portugal have had hardly anyone up front." Phil McNulty, BBC Sport in Gelsenkirchen, "There is no spark out there. Here I'm either Scolari or Big Phil." On to Cristiano Ronaldo and then Miguel but Steven Gerrard's sliding tackle breaks up the move...temporarily. Doesn't this make it like playing in a sauna? END OF NORMAL TIME: The whistle goes and another 30 minutes it is then. A match was played between the two losing teams of the semi-finals to determine which team finished in third place. It rebounds to the tricky winger who goes to ground easily under a challenge from Fank Lampard. Le single, nommé World At Your Feet a été mis en vente le 5 juin 2006, il se classe 3e de l'UK Singles Chart[2]. 43 mins: Owen Hargreaves is England's most advanced player and wins a corner on the left. They have not lost a comptitive match since the Euro 2004 final. Cristiano Ronaldo supplied the cross for the header, but while Portugal's fans went wild, Big Phil knew it was no goal. Get in amongst them." Steven Gerrard is shepherded to the right but gets a cross. Play switches to the right and Aaron Lennon shows him how to do it with a direct run. Goals against 35. "Portugal are desperate to stretch the game but Ashley Cole is holding firm and Crouch has done well since his introduction. 1 min: England get a good feel for the ball after kicking off. They are giving as good as they are getting with only 10 men, but it is a game that will be taking a lot out of them mentally and physically. Panic stations with England racing back but there is no way through with Owen Hargreaves putting in the initial challenge to check Portugal's advance down the right. He recently came fifth in a list of the 10 most desirable Swedes with power. Then David Beckham was sent off for a petulant foul against Diego Simone early in the second half but don't expect any good omens. The move he instigates ends with a corner. Le 25 juin, l'Angleterre affronte l'Équateur en huitième de finale. The referee waves play on despite Ronaldo's protestations. 6 mins: Ashley Cole is in an advanced position on the left and is lucky to earn a free-kick after dawdling on the ball and inviting what looked like a fair challenge from Petit. 1545 BST: What about the form? We are going to talk about this for a long, long time. The former Tottenham man will lead the line. No problems for Cristiano Ronaldo, who shows the lack of nerves you'd expect from Peter Stringfellow on his 10,000th date. "Terry Butcher, BBC Five Live Sport. "Phil McNulty, BBC Sport in Gelsenkirchen. 21 Jan 2007 12 189. "England's ghost", as the Portuguese press have dubbed him, is a tactical wizard who prowls the touchline like a caged animal getting hot under the collar and gesticulating wildly at his players. "The ill-feeling against Ronaldo from England's fans is intense. The England striker drops deep inside his own half to see some ball and get rid of his Portuguese shadow. 100 mins: John Terry heads Simao Sabrosa's cross from the right clear with Helder Postiga lurking in the box. 53 mins: Shot number 24 on goal from Frank Lampard and what a chance. "I've taken a penalty against Paul Robinson and I can tell you he's a big unit. 1832 BST: Players mill about on the pitch as the key decisions as to who will take the 10 spot-kicks are decided. For Luiz Felipe Scolari - Eriksson and England's nemesis - there is the promise of a tantalising semi against his home country Brazil or France. "Nutritionally it is the wrong option, but it is a dish that warms and comforts," explained chef Helio Loureiro. 1430 BST: Sven-Goran Eriksson leads his squad off the coach at the Veltins-Arena for England's eighth World Cup quarter-final. It comes seconds after Paul Robinson claws away a shot. video des quarts de final entre portugal et angleterre ... Wfc Fifa 2006 Portugal. 80 mins: The game threatens to boil over. His theory may be just about to be put to the test. They are both unbeaten in four matches at the tournament. video des quarts de final entre portugal et angleterre. ja é a segunda vez contra os ingleses que Ricardo brilha.\rAgora podemos acreditar para ganhar o mundial!\rForça Portugal ! England are out in the cruellest of ways. So you sit there drinking tea and things like that. 27 mins: Cristiano Ronaldo's shot is blocked by his Manchester United team-mate Rio Ferdinand. Qualifié directement en qualité de pays hôte, le Portugal participe à sa 4 e phase finale. The stadium is quieter now - it's not boredom it's tension. 102 mins: Gary Neville overlaps Aaron Lennon on the right. Hard hats could be the order of the day behind the goals at Stamford Bridge next season. 16 mins: Big Phil's back off his bench having a word with Argentine referee Horacio Elizondo. Gary Neville takes the armband. ! 96 mins: Big Phil and Steve McClaren are having a gesticulating competition on the sidelines. They defended well, kept the ball well and have been a different class in the face of some Portuguese play-acting. 1513 BST: Big Phil has famously got the better of Sven-Goran Eriksson and England at the quarter-final stage of each of the last two major championships - with Brazil at the 2002 World Cup and Portugal at home in Euro 2004. "Graham Taylor, BBC Five Live Sport. There is joy to be had there." It is probably along the lines of "Why wasn't that a yellow card?" England 1-1 PortugalSteven Gerrard steps up but his effort is saved by Ricardo to his left. Two of their starting XI today - Ricardo Carvalho and Maniche - won the Champions League with Porto at this ground. England 1-1 PortugalThe next man up is Petit, who will be suspended from any semi-final Portugal may get to. Hugo Viana goes down in the centre circle but England refuse to play the ball out. Portugal have a 100% record in Germany, but going further back they are now unbeaten in a national record 18 matches since losing away to the Republic of Ireland in February 2005. Phil McNulty, BBC Sport in Gelsenkirchen. Eriksson likes to look prim and proper throughout a match in his England tie and blazer and the only thing in his collar is stiffener. England: Robinson, Neville, Ferdinand, Terry, A Cole, Beckham, Lampard, Hargreaves, Gerrard, J Cole, Rooney. 39 mins: Gary Neville is caught miles out of position as Portugal attack down the left. He kisses the ball, stutters in the run up and scores, sending Paul Robinson the wrong way. 56 mins: The game is bubbling up nicely as we approach the final third of the 90. 21 mins: Frank Lampard must wish he was an inch or two taller. Big Phil's last 11 World Cup matches: W11 D0 L0, Macca's last 11 Premiership matches: W3 D2 L6. 1600 BST: Portugal is England's oldest ally dating back to the Treaty of Windsor which was signed in 1386, but we can forget about any friendship for the next 90 minutes...at least. 73 mins: Steven Gerrard breaks down the left but Peter Crouch cannot keep up with play and is well short of meeting the cross. A first foul, Gary Neville blocking Cristiano Ronaldo. "Take away the football and Svennis could just as well be someone behind the counter at your local bank," said Att:ention's sexology expert. Alan Shearer, BBC Sport TV. 1432 BST: Some of the England squad take in their surroundings, while others are lost in their own world listening to music with ridiculously over-sized headphones on. Rio Ferdinand is in floods of tears as Portugal celebrate their win. He misses, dragging his effort wide. His Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo looks to be suffering no ill-effects from his thigh injury. They need to play a system that the players know and like and keep it simple. Find your next used car on AutoScout24. 1504 BST: Enough about the 22 players on view, what about the two men who matter - coaches Sven-Goran Eriksson and Luiz Felipe Scolari. 2 mins: A slip at the back gifts Wayne Rooney an early sight of goal but his shot is blocked by Fernando Meira. Scolari calls for passion from them and they have answered his call all coming out with flags. 1508 BST: In the red corner, slightly off burgundy in truth, is the Brazilian Gene Hackman lookalike who used to go by the name Felipao. 51 mins: A first change for England and, in what may be his final match in charge, Sven-Goran Eriksson substitutes captain David Beckham. Svennis is having a quiet word with Steve McClaren on the bench and the upshot is a change. Pauleta is equally isolated as Portugal's lone striker. "England have started better than in their previous games but I'd like to see David Beckham and Joe Cole come inside a bit more. Again, not a great strike from England. 7 mins: Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo comes sprawling off his line at full stretch to punch clear a David Beckham free-kick. Après un match mouvementé avec de nombreux cartons jaunes et rouges, surnommé la Bataille de Nuremberg, l'équipe menée par le sélectionneur Luiz Felipe Scolaris'impose face aux Pays-Bas sur le score de 1 - 0 (but du Portugal à la 23 minute par Man… Learn more about Portugal. 1556 BST: Both anthems are well respected by opposing fans and belted out by their respective teams. Watch Queue Queue. En quart de finale, l'Angleterre est opposée au Portugal. Le Portugal et l'Angleterre vont disputer la revanche du quart de finale de l'Euro 2004 remporté par l'équipe de Luiz Felipe Scolari, la bête noire des Anglais. This has been dubbed Sven v Scolari Part III and they have been plastered all over the press during the last week. We haven't seen any of the midfielders pushing on and making runs and Wayne Rooney is completely isolated. Portugal have five players walking the tightrope - Petit, Maniche, Nuno Valente, Luis Figo and Ricardo. Angleterre - Portugal Coupe du monde - Suivez en live la rencontre de Football opposant Angleterre et Portugal. On the field his replacement in the number seven shirt at Old Trafford is furious as a decision goes against him. Svennis is rated as "hot" at home according to Swedish magazine Att:ention. Mundial Alemania 2006-Cuartos de Finales 3-Inglaterra vs Portugal (penaltis) 112 mins: Cristiano Ronaldo climbs high for a cross but directs his header straight at Paul Robinson. We know what happened. England 1-2 PortugalHelder Postiga nervelessly runs up and scores to put Portugal ahead. Time will tell. That move to Real Madrid may be an option after all. England do little with it. "You can't speak for one hour to the players. "We want the players to let them know they're in for a game and let them know what the English game is all about like we did against Argentina. Le Portugal passe en demi-finale de son Euro et Ricardo devient « le gardien sans gants ». England 0-1 PortugalSimao Sabrosa steps up for the first penalty. Ricardo got a hand to it but not enough. England went on to lose on penalties. 117 mins: Owen Hargreaves and John Terry combine to steal the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo on the edge of the area. 1554 BST: Before the anthems David Beckham reads out an anti-racism speech but is given a dodgy microphone. Strap yourselves in for penalties. Miguel comes in with a decisive clearing header in front of Peter Crouch. The temperature's more Madeira than Manchester which is good news for Cristiano Ronaldo and co. 1456 BST: A good omen for England is that the only time they have won a World Cup quarter-final also came on 1 July. "Uproar as Wayne Rooney is sent off. Watch the 2006 England vs. Portugal World Cup Quarter-finals full match held at Arena aufSchalke (Gelsenkirchen) on Footballia This could be the start of the closing chapter of his career as England coach. "Alison Roberts, BBC Five Live Sport, "England's players are in tears in the centre circle, but their fans are trying to rally them, supporters who did all they could to spur the team on." Le 25 juin 2006, l'équipe des Pays-Bas joue contre le Portugal lors des 8 de finale. Hugo Viana, once of Newcastle, comes on for Tiago. Was it for pushing Ronaldo who became involved quite unecessarily or was it for stamping on Ricardo Carvalho's private parts? John Terry wipes away his tears and Frank Lampard stares into space. Great penalty. Ronaldo is still the big danger, but England are still well in the hunt for a semi-final place." Again he fails to clear the first man crashing the ball into the wall. England 3 - 3 Portugal… "Alan Hansen, BBC Sport TV. "I feel sorry for the the England team and the thousands of supporters who are here. 9 mins: Wayne Rooney gathers a pass from Steven Gerrard with his back to goal. Luis Figo is the man to benefit and his whipped shot is just wide of Paul Robinson's left post. England 1-3 PortugalCristiano Ronaldo walks forward to put Portugal into the semi-finals. Regardez Portugal vs Angleterre - Alex Serra sur Dailymotion. David Beckham and Joe Cole have got to push on and support him." Portugal: Ricardo, Miguel, Carvalho, Meira, Valente, Petit, Maniche, Tiago, Figo, Ronaldo, Pauleta. 1527 BST: Big Phil holds the coaching record for the most number of consecutive wins at the World Cup and is looking to extend that mark to 12 in Gelsenkirchen. 1447 BST: If you think tea at a time like this sounds silly, the Portuguese opted for chicken soup before heading to the ground. He sends in two inviting crosses in quick succession from the right. Scolari is very dangerous. 1846 BST: England's players are inconsolable. Games total 50. "Sven-Goran Eriksson, who has brushed off comparisons with the more animated Luiz Felipe Scolari, suddenly emerges into the technical area to complain about his side's defending, but before too long has had enough of showing his feelings and returns to his seat." "Thoughts are turning to who might take penalties if the deadlock is not broken. 1531 BST: The players are out warming up at the Veltins-Arena which is filling up nicely. "Who are you calling Felipao?" 110 mins: Portugal are camped on the edge of the England area, but again the rearguard holds firm and clears. Paul Robinson looks in relaxed conversation with goalkeeping coach Ray Clemence. The first is over Helder Postiga and Frank Lampard cuts out the second. 19 mins: Gary Neville strangely opts to give Cristiano Ronaldo acres of space on the left, although as he knows him so well from Manchester United perhaps he knows what he's up to. 50 mins: There is an urgency about England. Ronaldo steps in on his right foot and shoots wide. 1444 BST: This is the time when Sven-Goran Eriksson feels his most nervous before a match. 1700 BST: England are first out for the second half, a full two minutes before Portugal. England have been eliminated by a Luiz Felipe Scolari led side in the last three major tournaments. It was not the best of penalties. Ref: Horacio Marcelo Elizondo It is 28C pitchside. 119 mins: Penalties are almost upon us as Portugal attack for one last time. In the shoot-out they were chanting for Ricardo. "Eriksson was outflanked by Scolari in 2002 and out-witted in 2004. 36 mins: Wherever Wayne Rooney goes Fernando Meira is by his side. "Terry Butcher, BBC Five Live Sport. L'équipe du Portugal de football s'est qualifiée pour la coupe du monde 2006 de football en Allemagne. Steven Gerrard was in charge of the music today and promised to play Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire before emerging into the tunnel. RATER POLL: Wayne Rooney has just cost England a place in the semi-finals by getting himself sent off - that's the opinion of 60% of you. But the match is good news for betting shops. They were absolutely magnificent tonight - anyone can win or lose on penalties. "Heartbreak. "Terry Butcher, BBC Five Live Sport, "It will be easier to switch to a 4-4-2 formation. The second half performance in 2002 was really poor and the tactics were all over the place. 1751 BST: The last time England went to extra-time in the World Cup finals was against Argentina in 1998. after seeing Owen Hargreaves foul Luis Figo. 106 mins: Nuno Valente comes from behind and tackles Aaron Lennon in the box. 42 mins: Tiago climbs high to head on goal but Paul Robinson is equal to the challenge clawing it away to his right. "Brazilian journalist Emerson Vicente, "Peter Crouch has done remarkably well. Svennis stays seated as the game settles into some early sort of shape. Owen Hargreaves is booked for complaining about the decision to the referee. Tweet Share on Facebook. He meets Steven Gerrard's corner in space at the back post but his volley goes into the ground and bounces over. "Graham Taylor, BBC Five Live Sport. Terry is booked for the challenge and will miss the semi-final if England go through. Att: 52000. Here come Portugal again. Luis Figo follows suit in Portuguese. 1525 BST: "The Portuguese like to do things at the last minute and while 30 minutes ago downtown Lisbon was quiet they are beginning to stream out at the big screen here. 16 cartons jaunes et 4 cartons rouges en un match, c'est le record de cartons pour un match de Coupe du Monde, établi par le Portugal et les Pays-Bas, en 2006.… 86 mins: A third and final change for Portugal. En 2006, l'équipe d'Angleterre de football participe à la phase finale de la Coupe du monde de la FIFA organisée en Allemagne. He wrestles for the ball with Ricardo Carvalho on the halfway line and stamps on the defender's testicles. Portugal's players are incensed. What do you reckon? Le Championnat d'Angleterre de rugby 2005/2006 est la 19ème édition de cette épreuve. When these teams met in the 1966 semi-final there wasn't a foul in the opening 22 minutes. No penalty, although the full-back threw a fearful galnce at the referee. It means Portugal will not play with a recognised forward. 1811 BST: All 21 players out on the pitch take on copious amounts of liquid as the teams turn around. Goals against/Match 0.7 Most Goals Scored 18 Cristiano Ronaldo. 103 mins: Peter Crouch is working manfully in attack - well, more often than not on the halfway line - and wins a free-kick after holding off Fernando Meira. HTML-code: Copy. Équipe d'Angleterre de football à la Coupe du monde 2006 Bus de l'équipe d'Angleterre lors de la Coupe du monde. England 1-2 PortugalNext man on the block for England is Jamie Carragher. 85 mins: Maniche collects the ball in space but blazes his long-range effort wide of the target. He has space to turn, does so and shoots on goal but it is easy for Ricardo. Tiago and Petit step into midfield in their place and Cristiano Ronaldo has been passed fit to play. Total heartbreak - and it would take a hard heart not to feel complete sympathy for England after a magnificent effort against the odds. Svennis sits statuesque in the dug out. David Beckham lines up a free-kick after Petit fouls Joe Cole on the edge of the area. 38 mins: Steven Gerrard makes another attacking run and collects Ashley Cole's deep pass down the left flank. Only the 1990 finals produced more (four). La compétition a eu lieu du 13 août 2005 au 7 mai 2006 . The Observer World Cup 2006. HALF-TIME EXTRA-TIME: England are 15 minutes away from penalties. 1518 BST: In the white corner is the Montgomery Burns lookalike who goes by the name of Svennis in his homeland. le classement du championnat du Portugal à la fin de la saison 2006-2007. 1436 BST: Sven-Goran Eriksson looks in a happy-go-lucky mood as he leads the squad and entourage along the side of the ground to the changing rooms. 14 mins: An air shot from Joe Cole on the edge of the area and England again look edgy in defence. The England skipper is hobbling and has problems with his right ankle. Portugal appear to have targeted him and he has had to be rescued on occasions by England team-mates as Cristiano Ronaldo continues to pose a threat." Several England players are unhappy that Portugal's players, led by Rooney's Manchester United team-mate Ronaldo, pleaded for the young striker a red card.