Wilhelm Ernst Wenders, dit Wim Wenders (né le 14 août 1945 à Düsseldorf, Land de Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie) est un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste de cinéma et photographe allemand.Il est l’un des représentants majeurs du Nouveau cinéma allemand des années 1960-70. Like his films, they all possess a melancholic romanticism. “I really hesitated. See more ideas about color photography, photography, paris texas. Wim Wenders #Photographe Actualité ... Wim Wenders’ photographs could be described as a survey of the inconspicuous. Il est l'un des représentants majeurs du nouveau cinéma allemand des années 1960-70. We even made a film in which his character talks about photography a lot. Liste des citations de Wim Wenders classées par thématique. Wenders n'est pas seulement un cinéaste reconnu. Wim Wenders (born in Düsseldorf in 1945) is internationally renowned primarily for his movies, such as Wings of Desire, Pina and The Salt of the Earth, a portrait of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. Les clichés de Wim Wenders dévoilés dans cette vidéo sont bouleversants! Cela ne veut pas dire que je n’ai Wilhelm Ernst Wenders, dit Wim Wenders (né le 14 août 1945 à Düsseldorf, Land de Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie - ) est un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste de cinéma et photographe allemand . Photography. 17 sept. 2018 - C/O Berlin présente l'exposition Wim Wenders - Instant Stories / Histoires instantanées. 8 Dennis Hopper, Photographs. He shares the stories behind them, Last modified on Thu 26 Mar 2020 10.33 EDT, Wim Wenders reckons he took more than 12,000 Polaroids between 1973 and 1983, when his career as a film-maker really took off, but only 3,500 remain. Autant le dire d'emblée, je n'aime pas beaucoup le photographe Wim Wenders et je tolère, mais guère plus, Wim Wenders-cinéaste. Ernst Wilhelm "Wim" Wenders (German: [ˈvɪm ˈvɛndɐs]; born 14 August 1945) is a German filmmaker, playwright, author, and photographer. Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; Email; Recommended for you. As such, it had a certain sacredness. Wim Wenders Early Photographs 1960s-1980s METRO Kinokulturhaus 2019. And his essay in this book is also a passionate plea for an idea of photography where everything is 4 real & true 2. Wim Wenders. It is no longer essentially about the image. Instant Stories presents over 200 of Wenders’ Polaroids encompassing portraits of cast and crew, friends and family, behind-the scenes, still-lives, street-photography and landscapes.Alongside diary-like impressions and homages to his artistic inspirations, including Fassbinder and Warhol, the small format images take us on a literal and metaphoric journey through Europe and the US. . Wim Wenders Photographs Fundació Sorigué, Lleida, Spain 2013. Wim Wenders: Places, Strange and Quiet is at Haunch of Venison, Burlington Gardens, London W1, from April 15 to May 17 (020-7495 5050; haunchofvenison.com). 12 nov. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Wim Wenders" de Mathilde Pois-Fournier sur Pinterest. The only justification for putting them in a gallery is that they show what happened. The beautiful irony of **Wim Wenders’**s 1984 Paris, Texas is, of course, that none of the film actually occurs there. See available photographs, and prints and multiples for sale and learn about the artist. L’application IdRef permet d’interroger les autorités des bases Calames, Sudoc, STAR, STEP et Thèses.fr, d'enrichir et/ou de corriger des notices autorités existantes, de créer, sur authentification, de nouvelles entités. See more ideas about Color photography, Photography, Art photography. Il est à la fois un réalisateur, producteur, scénariste de cinéma et photographe. Our presentation includes portraits and landscapes as well as still life pictures. We spoke about photography and I saw and loved his work. Today, making a Polaroid is just a process.”, He sighs and rubs his eyes. Cela ne veut pas dire que je n'ai pas, comme beaucoup de spectateurs, été, comme l'on dit, pris par ses films, au moins les premiers. Wim Wenders pour Nouvel Écran.jpg 960 × 568; 236 KB Wim Wenders und Juliano Ribiero Salgado - Das Salz der Erde- Berlin Oktober 2014.jpg 3,168 × 4,752; 6.41 MB Wim Wenders(cannesPhotocall)-.jpg 594 × 394; 34 KB Wim Wenders is a pioneer of New German Cinema and is considered one of the most prominent figures in contemporary German film. Par Marie-Noëlle Tranchant Publié le 15/10/2014 à 07:00 In one, he recalls a chance encounter in 1973 with “a tall young woman” who takes the seat beside him at the bar in CBGB, the legendary New York nightclub. Lui-même photographe, il expose régulièrement à travers le monde. Wim Wenders fait honneur à un immense photographe brésilien, Sebastiao Salgado, avec le fils de ce dernier, le réalisateur Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. Wim Wenders. There should be a different term, but nobody cared about finding it.”. “My first reaction was, ‘Wow! “Not really. 1961-1967 , Tony Shafrazi (ed. I had to learn about exposure, focus, all the technical stuff. I never thought of it as giving the real picture.”, When approached by the Photographers’ Gallery, he thought long and hard about exhibiting them. His Photographs have been exhibited internationally. Speaking at an exhibition of his Polaroid works, he … They are mostly places void of people, abandoned, forgotten or unknown landscapes presented in large format prints. De : Wim Wenders / Juliano Ribeiro Salgado / 2014 / France, Brésil / 1H50Biopic Documentaire . They are a healthy memory of how things were and what we have lost. His oeuvre as a scriptwriter, director, producer, photographer and author includes documentaries, photo exhibitions, monographs, films and books. Pour … Melancholy romanticism … Self-portrait, 1975. ‘They are a healthy memory of how things were – and what we have lost’ … New York Parade, 1972. Photography, painting, film and narration: this was the axis around which the artistic work of Wim Wenders revolved in the 1960s until the 1980s. Depuis quarante ans, le photographe Sebastião Salgado parcourt les continents sur les traces d’une humanité en pleine mutation. Actuellement, il travaille principalement aux États-Unis. See more ideas about Photography, Paris texas, Photo. Wim Wenders' photography: more pictures; Film-making, meanwhile continues, though ever slower – three to four years per project. 7 Wim Wenders, Bilder von der Oberfläche der Erde, Münich, Schirmer/Mosel, 2006. Réalisateur, producteur et photographe allemand, né à Düsseldorf en 1945. 9 Raymond Depardon, photographe et voyageur, a réalisé des films où l’errance tient souvent le premier plan ( Afriques, comment ça va avec la douleur ?, 1996). The photography of Wim Wenders – in pictures. Sep 7, 2017 - Explore Salsa Chen's board "wim wenders", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. qu’entretiennent Wim et Donata Wenders. I was never going to use it any more.”, So Instant Stories is also an elegy for the Polaroid itself, and all it stood for. Ils sont tous les deux photographes, chacun menant son travail de manière bien distincte, avec toutefois un but commun : toucher à la vérité des êtres et des lieux. Even later with the Polaroids, that was still the case.”, Does he think that defined the images he made? Le sujet est insignifiant, mais l’occasion était capitale: c’était le premier jour du tournage du film “Alice dans les Villes” (1974) de… La meilleure citation de Wim Wenders préférée des internautes. Lisez le TOP 10 des citations de Wim Wenders pour mieux comprendre sa vie, ses actes et sa philosophie. Le réalisateur Wim Wenders et le photographe Sebastião Salgado. A week later, he does just that – and so begins a friendship with a young music photographer called Annie Leibovitz, who takes him on a road trip to Los Angeles. Wim Wenders est également l’auteur de documentaires, dont Pina (2011), film en 3D sur la chorégraphe Pina Bausch, et Le Sel de la terre (2014), qui retrace la vie du photographe Sebastião Salgado. While Wenders has a … Together, they add up to an impressionistic diary of a time when “there was no sadness, no anger, there was nothing but sheer innocence, not only my own, but everyone around me. W im Wenders reckons he took more than 12,000 Polaroids between 1973 and 1983, when his career as a film-maker really took off, but only 3,500 remain. ‘Wim Wenders: Instant Stories’ is at C/O Berlin until 22 September. Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition London 2019. Il rappelle que le Polaroid, une invention qui fêtera l’an prochain ses 70 ans, était dans sa … Different to the previous exhibitions at Galerie f5,6 Contemplation is dedicated to one genre only - Portraits. May 8, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Elizabeth Gilroy. Explore. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share via Email "When you travel a lot, and when … Issu d'une famille catholique de Düsseldorf, Wim Wenders est le fils d'un chirurgien. For the launch of Photo London Online, BASTIAN is delighted to present works by renowned photographers and visual artists André Villers, Wim Wenders, Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly. “That was a very decisive moment in my life,” he says. Share. “It’s not just the meaning of the image that has changed – the act of looking does not have the same meaning. But, in an exhibition space, they are elevated from ephemera to art. He has also directed award winning non- fiction including ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ (1999), ‘Pina’ (2011) and most recently ‘The Salt of the Earth’ (2015). Tout a … Wim Wenders photographe : Il n'est pas seulement le cinéaste reconnu que l'on connaît, il est également photographe. I really don’t know why we stick to the word photography any more. Retrouvez toutes les phrases célèbres de Wim Wenders parmi une sélection de + de 100 000 citations célèbres provenant d'ouvrages, d'interviews ou de discours. The image for me was always linked to the idea of uniqueness, to a frame and to composition. Feb 20, 2019 - Explore Bill's board "Wenders, Wim" on Pinterest. Prehistoric Times. Our presentation includes portraits and landscapes as well as still life pictures. I knew him from 1976 and I never saw him taking a picture.”, Wenders, too, now regards photography as a thing of the past. Article from theguardian.com. “The thing is,” he says, “you gave them away. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Wim voue une passion aux lieux et aux paysages, Donata aux gens et aux gestes. Donata Wenders, photographe d’origine berlinoise, s’inspire des grands maîtres de la photographie que sont Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz ou plus récemment, Peter Lindbergh. That whole notion is gone.”, Several years ago, as if in acknowledgment of this, he gave his Polaroid camera to his friend Patti Smith. 2019. Nov 14, 2017 - Explore Lily Maddocks's board "Wim Wenders" on Pinterest. photographer Wim Wenders refrains from using any of them. Wim Wenders rend un hommage fraternel à son ami photographe, voyageur et humaniste. Film-maker Wim Wenders has spent decades photographing dusty roads and lonely landscapes. In another story, he recounts hearing about John Lennon’s death while driving along a freeway in Los Angeles. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème photographie, paysage urbain, photographie couleur. Ushuaïa TV - Jeudi 10 décembre - 20 h 45 -Documentaire. That was part of the charm of the unwieldy, hard-to-focus camera. Autant le dire d’emblée, je n’aime pas beaucoup le photographe Wim Wenders et je tolère, mais guère plus, Wim Wenders-cinéaste. Il est l'un des représentants majeurs du Nouveau cinéma allemand des années 1960-70. En 2014, Wim Wenders et le fils du photographe, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado ont réalisé un documentaire sur le travail de Sebastião Salgado, Le Sel de la Terre (The Salt of the Earth) qui a reçu le prix spécial Un Certain Regard au festival de Cannes 2014 [7]. After 2004 and 2006 we are happy to present with Contemplation the third solo exhibition of the wonderful photographic work of Donata Wenders. Wenders, now 72, was given his first camera as a child in Düsseldorf by his father, a doctor. They were made from the gut – and the Polaroids also are made from the gut.”. Often creased or marked, with their colours slightly faded, they evoke another time, one that already seems impossibly distant. Photography Techniques. from Warhol’s intimate portrayal of New York in the 1970s and 80s to Wenders solitary and secluded places, Cy Twombly’s exploration of nature through to André Villers photo-reportage of Picasso’s life.